Thursday, June 6, 2013

Michael Douglas cancer story embarrassing now because of his blame game



Did someone say cigarettes and alcohol cause disease? What? Really? Do Hollywood Superstars with billions in their bank accounts ever party TOO HARD, say, for 40 years straight, and then wonder “why is this happening to me?” when the bad luck health strikes “all of a sudden?” Could it be that certain Hollywood Stars who get cancer and say really dumb things about it, could it be that these stars aren’t so “bright” and their publicist just props them up with some memorized lines from ACT II? Is this part of the final act, or the encore, I was just wondering, Michael and Angelina?

PR stunts:

Who was the sponsor on the last set, was it Merck or Susan Komen Foundation, I didn’t get a look at the Billboard on the way to the movie set, or the big sign on your trailer during rehearsals. Which company paid for the Porsche and the Delorean? What about Club Med? Acapulco? Do you own your own island, or did you sell it when you bought the jet? Do you have stock in chemo and radiation equipment manufacturers now? How much? Did it just increase massively this past month? Wow, I bet Obamacare will drive that stock higher. I sure hope you’re still around to “reap” it all in.

Who's around the corner planning hoaxes?

Hey blockbuster actors and actresses, let’s spare the PR stunts and the one-liners that reveal you are promoting Big Pharma, please.


Dear Mega-stars, I know it’s hard for you, fighting this chemically driven disease, taking chemical lab made drugs, and especially with everyone telling you what to do. I suggest you drop everything and go 100% organic, right now, today*. You have the money to do it, so there’s no excuse. Throw away everything you own that you consume or put on your skin, and just start over. Buy only organic everything and then go on TV in ONE YEAR from now and exclaim the truth. Then and only then can you redeem yourself and redeem your perfect health, like you probably had before this Western Med Hoax biz told you to read those embarrassing lines that influenced thousands of people to do the wrong thing. *


Natural News has this covered well: “ … absolutely laughable nonsense like Michael Douglas saying his cancer was caused by some other woman's crotch but not his smoking habit.


What’s even worse about the whole Douglas cancer PR? Douglas denies saying what he said, which was recorded. Mike Adams has this to say:


“Oh, and by the way. Now Michael Douglas claims he never said what he said about oral sex and his cancer. You just heard him wrong when he said, precisely, "without getting too specific, this particular cancer is caused by something called HPV, which actually comes about from cunnilingus." Click here to hear the actual recording.

Oh snap! All this time I thought he was talking about being a cunning linguist! It's all my fault, of course. His publicist is probably correct when he recently called me a master debater.”

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