Thursday, August 22, 2013

Planet McNuggett discovered and humans are attacked by gel with hair!

According to Natural News, surprisingly weird items have been found inside McDonald's Chicken McNuggets.  The investigation was conducted at the Natural News Forensic Food Laboratory, which is the new research branch of the Science Division of Natural News. The Chicken McNuggets, which were tested under a high-powered digital microscope, showed surprising results. The Chicken McNuggets contained strange fibers that resembled those seen in "Morgellons” cases. This is quite shocking, as the chicken meat used to make the nuggets do not contain any hair. Does this mean that some cross bred species were used in the guise of chicken? This question is quite vital and needs to be properly answered. Can you imagine the kind of food that you are eating and the kind of health hazards you are being exposed to? 

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Nowadays, we often come across different stories against big corporate houses, especially those that are into fast food manufacturing. Although it is very sad, the reality is that either they are using some other kind of food stuffs than what they claim to be using or their manufacturing process does not quite meet the mark as far as health safety is concerned. As such, fast food is considered to have side effects to one’s health, but when big Food Giants like McDonalds use items that are not up to the mark in their food items, it is really shocking as these are food giants with a multinational presence. Their reputation is spread far and wide. So, considering their low standards, can you imagine what kind of food you might be eating from the local stores? This is a serious issue and needs to be considered carefully.

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