Monday, August 5, 2013

Scams sprout up across America, asking for your money to produce hoax anti-GMO films and more!


Raise your hand if you know the ultimate marketing scam, the multi-level marketing pyramid, or MLM? What about a Ponzi scheme … do you know what a Ponzi scheme is? Have you ever donated money to a non-profit organization, only to find out later they are FOR-profit, as the people running it pocket the majority of the donations and call it Administrative Salaries?


If some corporate giant told you outright they were raising money to help give people cancer, would you buy their product, or donate some money, or go to their “march for the suppression of the cure?” Would you go on line and use your paypal account to fork over a little hard earned cash to make a movie about how stupid Americans are and about how GMO should remain unlabeled? What are the ONLY TWO industrialized Nations in the world that allow GMO as a standard, staple food? Are there fake films already in the works to support poisoning people, giving them known carcinogens and laughing behind closed doors about it? Are there FAKE awards ceremonies for the scientists and evil Biotech companies that make insect killing vegetables and weed killing vegetation for humans to eat? Have those fraudulent movies and awards shows already been ‘busted’ for trying to rally support, money, and notoriety? Yes, there are. The Health Ranger, Founder and Editor of Natural News, Mike Adams, has the inside stories on these scams and more on Natural News now. Read about the latest and watch a comedy skit that lets you know how bad FRAUD AND MARKETING SCAMS have become in USA:

“The fake Vilcabamba rainforest scam”

“There's a guy running around collecting donations to "save Vilcabamba" which he claims is in the Ecuadorian rainforest. He says that if you give him money, it will be collected by his "pending" non-profit (i.e. his private bank account) and will be used to buy hundreds of hectares of land in the Valley of Longevity in order to "save" that land. He's asking for $10 million.

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