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Riddle: What do you get when you mix abortion blood, a deadly pig virus, genetically modified bacteria and infected monkey kidney cells? Today's vaccines

Only in some freaky movie or spooky television series would you see a mad scientist or an evil witch craft a potion mixing blood samples from a bird, a dog, a pig, a cow, a monkey and a human baby. Then, to get even freakier, add to that sinister and creepy concoction some urea (protein excreted from animal urine), hydrolyzed gelatin (boiled, animal hide and cartilage), embalming fluid for the dead (formaldehyde), oil from a shark's liver (squalene), an army worm's ovary cells, some chick embryo cell culture, a sample of E. coli (deadly bacteria that lives in the lower intestines of warm-blooded animals), some salmonella (deadly bacteria that lives in raw eggs and beef), guinea pig cell cultures (in the chicken pox vaccine) and of course, be sure not to leave out a nice little sample of mercury–the most toxic non-radioactive element on earth that's implicated in human brain and liver damage.  

Welcome to the freak show – inside the laboratory where American vaccines are being manufactured right now

It gets much worse. Twisted, barbaric and unethical men in white lab coats scurry around in secret government-funded labs, such as the CDC, mixing all of these experimental toxins together and staring at them through microscopes, pretending they are helping protect society from infectious diseases. It's a 75-year farce that's getting more demented every year.

Today's vaccine-manufacturing scientists are paid millions to genetically modify animal and insect DNA, bacteria and viruses and then combine them all (recombinant) and then lie and say they're all "safe and effective." Right on the Fluluval vaccine insert sheet (of one of the most popular flu vaccines), which nary a human being ever reads, it is printed...

"... there have been no controlled trials demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination." They are telling you in the fine print that it's never been tested for safety nor proven effective!

What are the most dangerous, experimental vaccines ever concocted in laboratories?

The Rotateq vaccine, made by Merck and given to children to supposedly prevent Rotavirus, contains parts of the porcine circovirus types 1 and 2 that infects pigs and kills them by the thousands in China. This highly experimental vaccine has never been tested for safety or allergic reactions in infants, and also contains fetal bovine serum and polysorbate 80. After taking Rotateq, babies are reported to experience diarrhea, vomiting, fever, ear infection, severe stomach pain, blood in the stool, and a deadly problem called intussusception–where parts of the intestine get blocked or twisted. These dire health consequences of being injected with this highly experimental jab have been reported and confirmed by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

The MMR (V) inoculations contain human diploid lung fibroblasts (WI-38 and MRC-5 cells) from aborted human babies, urea, bovine (cow) serum albumin and recombinant human albumin (genetically modified and DNA-mutated human blood).

The DTaP, Small Pox, and Polio vaccines contain a "continuous line of monkey kidney cells" from infected African Green Monkeys.

The Adenovirus vaccine contains human-diploid fibroblast cell cultures taken from an aborted human baby (strain WI-38), human serum albumin (blood) and modified Eagle's medium (Dulbecco's).

The Meningococcal vaccine contains E. coli and aluminum hydroxide.

Per the TruthWiki entry for the Flu Shot (Influenza Vaccine):

Mercury tests conducted by Mike Adams at the Forensic Food Lab (ICP-MS and calibration) revealed the flu shot by GlaxoSmithKline (lot #9H2GX) called Fluluval–had 51 parts per million MERCURY–which is over 25,000 times the MAXIMUM CONTAMINANT LEVEL of inorganic mercury in drinking water set by none other than the EPA themselves, yet this is worse–as it’s being injected into humans, bypassing digestion all together. This is far more than found in tuna–about 100 times more. Here are the Forensic Food Lab results from testing influenza vaccine from GSK (lot #9H2GX): Aluminum: 0.4 ppm: Arsenic: zero: Cadmium: zero: Lead: zero: Mercury: 51 ppm

Before you or your child is subjected to experimental, freaky Western medicine, be sure to read every single ingredient and question anything that seems abnormal, unnecessary, or carcinogenic. Learn more now and use common sense and good judgment when considering any kind of chemical-based medicine.

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