All the corporate shills at America's largest "science body" agree that GMOs are safe–of course they do–they work for the creators!

One year ago, in an article titled, "Is opposition to genetically modified food irrational?" –BBC News published a hit piece on the sensible world that opposes the genetic mutation of food and seeds, citing crop genetics who lie through their teeth and convolute traditional breeding with biotech's lab-concocted, DNA modified, pesticide-gene insertion into plants, something that never happens in nature.

"This is where BT comes in - a gene from a soil bacterium which produces a protein that is deadly to pests. Scientists cut the gene for BT out of the bacteria and inserted it directly into the eggplant genome.

Right now, there's a troll in a white lab coat, with a knife, cutting into women's breasts and giving them some of his "home-made" chemo, and he does this in a huge cave in Detroit called Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer "Institute," where the other evil witch-doctor, Farid Fata, just finished poisoning over 1000 people with chemo, and injuring countless others who did not even have cancer.

With 100,000 deaths and 2 million injuries each year being caused by legal prescription drugs in the United States, and with 1.5 million Americans contracting cancer each year, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries have become far more of a threat of "terrorism" to Americans than any people or other country could be, or have been, to this day.

We are all witnessing a mass awakening sweeping across the planet. Over just the last several weeks, millions of people have newly awakened to all the following astonishing truths they never would have believed just a year ago:

• The EPA knowingly allows children all across America to drink lead-poisoned water, covering up all the evidence instead of alerting the public.

• The drug companies are in the business of "harvesting" profits from human disease, not saving lives or helping humanity.

Vitamin C, ascorbic acid and food-based nutrients:

Many of these supporting molecules are not as potent as the target molecule you're looking for (such as curcuminoids in turmeric), yet they compete for absorption in your body's cells, effectively reducing the concentration and potency of the isolated nutrient you're interested in. Turmeric, for example, contains curcuminoids but also hundreds of other nutrients.

Similar to the way Hitler and the Nazi scientists tortured Jews later on in WWII, the insane doctor put his crazy theories to work on U.S. soil during WWI. His mental patients were at his complete disposal and Western medicine’s pharma complex was just getting underway. Ethical and moral concern were out the window and there were no recorded attempts to gain informed consent. Dr. Cotton’s “captive audience” had no legal recourse at all.

Sweating is a form of detoxification and there may be no better place than the sauna! There’s not many an excuse for not frequenting a sauna, because they are usually found close to home and/or work: at gyms, YMCAs, country clubs, fitness centers, spas and even homes have them, so they’re not too hard to find. Let’s get right to the research.

Saunas can offer symptom relief for Fibromyalgia, according to the Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine at Japan’s Kagoshima University.

What's even more interesting in all this is that Detroit is also the epicenter of mass criminality in the cancer industry. Earlier this year, Dr. Farid Fata was charged, prosecuted and sentenced for multiple felony crimes involving the false cancer diagnosis of patients who were then "treated" with chemotherapy.

Dr. Farid Fata worked out of a Karmanos Cancer Center property, and his colleague, Dr.

Have you tried this new scam, Zonnic nicotine gum? Guess who it’s made by? Yep, Reynolds American Inc (whose parent company is RJ Reynolds) is the parent company of Niconovum, who “respects the privacy of adult consumers” – you mean the privacy to stay addicted to cigarettes because the gum doesn’t work? Why would one of the biggest and oldest manufacturers of cancer sticks want to help people stop buying their cigarettes? What a joke.

This just in from the Health Ranger at Natural

"Medical coercion is the kind of thing most Americans might suspect is taking place in the gulags of North Korea... or perhaps the organ harvesting dungeons of Communist China... but not in the United States, right? Wrong.

The vaccine pushers demand that toxic vaccines -- which provably harm some children and even kill others -- be injected into people UNWILLINGLY, without their consent.