The reason you missed coverage on TV is because there was none. Live coverage of one of the world's largest protests ever would be the cardinal sin for TV, as most of their revenue comes from Big Food and Big Pharma, the corporations that drive the toxic food and toxic medicine trauma felt by a "free country" that's sick, diseased and dying from GMO. With almost NO food safety regulations and no regards paid to environmental detriment and destruction, Monsanto moves forward with their Frankencrop agenda, but so does the Anti-Monsanto organic world.

A mother and twenty-year veteran scientist whose sole mission is to convince the world that toxic glyphosate is safe for humans to consume went on "The Doctors" show and finished "selling her soul" to satan (or a lifetime of bad karma). The woman, who's last name happens to be "Farmer" - - looked into the mass media cameras and swore up and down glyphosate is safe for human consumption, saying the new IARC legitimate and unbiased study revealing it's toxicity to humans is still bogus.

In a utopian world where the government actually cares about the health and well-being of its citizens, this make-believe processed sugar and GMO tax could and probably would take place, but in the grand 'ole USA it's just a pipe dream; however, the insidious shills and politicians are planning something to the contrary, and that would be taxing organic food to help California citizens afford more cancer-causing, fluoridated conventional food.

What is this new martial law demonstration and practice (jade helm), but a preliminary action based on a prediction that the people are nearing full revolt? Let's just look at all the similarities "at play" from WWII. Hitler knew countries would try to rise up against him once they really figured out what he was up to, but it was too late, and Hitler took them over one at a time, he didn't announce to the world he was about to run the whole thing.

Year and years of bad food and bad medicine are killing millions in America - - We create the epidemics of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, strokes, heart disease - - all while we eat more chemicals. It all started with processed foods after WWII, which were basically void of nutrition. That's when food scientists began using synthetic food additives and preservatives to give food longer shelf life, but it was shortening human life.

According to Natural News, for the last six months, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has been working hard on the development of a breakthrough search engine that will finally offer a credible search alternative to the NSA-funded, surveillance-state search engines currently dominating the web.

Next week, he will be opening the webmaster URL submit page for the world's first independent, anti-propaganda search engine that filters out corporate propaganda and government disinformation.

David Wolfe, world famous nutritionist and best-selling author says this about 14AndOut Stop Smoking Method:

"Practical, simple, and straight forward strategies to quitting smoking that integrate the latest and greatest discoveries in the field. From the appropriate supplements to surviving cravings to understand the real toxicity of conventional cigarettes - - everything is covered.

According to Natural News, at the behest of the World Health Organization (WHO), the so-called "SAGE [Strategic Advisory Group of Experts] Working Group on Vaccine Hesitancy" has put together a report for the United Nations arm outlining new strategies to convince more people to get vaccinated.

Obviously, you already track Natural News if you're reading this, and that's good. How long have you tracked the Health Ranger and been a health enthusiast yourself? Do you know the history of "hidden" medicine in America, mainly the past century? If you need a refresher test and you want to gauge yourself against the current events, here's your chance. Presenting the ten-question allopathic reverse psychology trivia revelations about the world around you.