Do you spray Roundup on the weeds in your yard? Do you get prescribed antibiotics by your medical doctor the second you have symptoms of sickness, like a sore throat, a stuffy nose, or maybe some yellow or green mucus? Do you eat meat that's not labeled organic?

In each of these ways, you could be fueling the superbug epidemics that are devastating America, and it could all be backfiring on your own health directly. Thirty years ago, biotechnology firms thought they were geniuses when they're scientists inserted the genes of toxic plants and insects into crops like corn and soy, only to find out that evolution would rear its head and the very insects that the chemical-agriculture companies seek to destroy became immune to the toxic insecticides and are now more prominent than ever.

For many Americans, neither candidate for President, in their eyes, is suited for the job, and they'd much rather vote for Mickey Mouse than to choose from the current front-runners. But the main problem is that one of the candidates will surely infringe upon personal freedoms that make a huge difference in health for all members of the family, including adults, children, infants, and babies on the way.

Anyone who hasn't figured out that the same chemicals that kill insects, whether sprayed on crops or inserted into the plant genes, are causing the majority of health and environmental disasters today, is naive and/or has been told lies.

Have you read The Peanut Allergy Epidemic by historian Heather Fraser? She begins by asking us why the peanut allergy epidemic is only found in Western cultures, where at least 4 million people experience the mysterious phenomenon, yet there are virtually no reported cases in India, where peanuts just so happen to be the main ingredient in most baby food products.

What's the bottom line here? This is your very last chance to help save America. If we lose this election to the globalists, America will not survive the next eight years.


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In California, any medical doctors who oppose the state's mandatory forced vaccinations face prosecution and the possible loss of their licenses to practice medicine, even though the law, known as SB277, states that they are allowed to grant medical exemptions.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, reports:

As yet more proof of the complete lunacy of "gun free zones" and the truly delusional argument that society would be safer if all the law abiding citizens were stripped of firearms by a totalitarian government, guess who just stopped the Minnesota mall murderer over the weekend? A man with a concealed gun.

The MN mall terrorist reportedly asked each person if they were a Muslim before stabbing them to death.

Did you know that hospitals serve artificial sweeteners like aspartame, and they serve genetically modified food like corn oil, canola oil and soybean oil in their cafeterias and recovery rooms, all across our great nation? Can you imagine eating pesticides and insecticides while trying to recover from surgery or sickness in the hospital? Do doctors know?

Did you just have a major operation and you're recovering in some superbug-ridden hospital bed? You need protein! Do you have a new baby? You

Hillary Clinton's deplorable health may be far worse than we're being told. A shocking new video shows her legs collapsing out from under her while she is held up by strong-armed security men, then stumbling off the curb and collapsing face first into a waiting van.

That video, shown at this Youtube link, reveals Clinton to be the "walking dead," as if she's going to literally collapse and expire at any moment.

The same shocking event was captured in another video from a different angle.