According to Natural News, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) announced yesterday that the release of an important new invention in 2015 would be accompanied by posting downloadable 3D printer files for parts used in the invention. His announcement made many readers wonder how they were going to print these 3D objects if they don't have a 3D printer.

The answer to that question is that 3D printers are on course to become as commonplace as desktop computers today. Nearly every modern household will likely have one within a few years, and the idea of "printing out" small objects that you need around the house or office will become commonplace.

There are bugs (bacterial and viral infectious organisms) at hospitals all over America and you can catch them by just getting routine tests or medical work done. This is very scary. There are bugs in conventional meat and dairy - big time! You can get very sick from drinking milk from CAFOs - confined animal feeding operations.

Most people who smoke a pack a day of cigarettes know they are treading on thin ice regarding their health, but how many people realize that drinking 30 or more ounces of diet soda each day could prove to be more lethal than a pack of cigarettes? And how can diet soda be worse than regular soda? Even though there are over 4,000 chemicals in one commercial cigarette, the leading chemical in diet soda may actually be breeding more cancer cells in human beings, and thus leading to malignant tumors

There's an old fable about a fly that gets trapped in a window and dies there because it can't get out of the house to find food. It tried every crevice of that window over and over, but there was no way to get outside. Unfortunately, for the fly, other windows in the house were wide open, but it failed to ever leave the one it was trapped in, to venture over to check and see.

Be Careful, ACSH is a trick, not a treat!

According to NaturalNews, John Entine and the American Council on Science and Health have offered to help Syngenta.

According to NaturalNews, Jon Entine is a corporate propagandist and pseudo-journalist who utilizes his media contacts to promote the opinions and positions of chemical corporations, by posing as an independent journalist.

From Media and Biotech Shills right to the top and the architect of Obamacare (Carelessness Act), the American people are being swindled into eating cancer food and having their insurance rates double or triple to get chemotherapy coverage to treat cancer food disease. It's that simple, and Obama and his Big Pharma/Biotech/Wall Street cohorts think America's full of dumb voters who don't know anything or what's good for 'em.

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"Americans are honest people. We respect authority and believe our commander-in-chief would only tell the truth, never thinking he would lie," said Pirro. "Now it may be my background -- but when someone lies and admits they perpetrated a fraud and picks a victim they think they can fool, which costs that victim money, they should be prosecuted for fraud.

How could you possibly watch a one-hour video and then never have another cigarette as long as you live? There is a natural method that's sweeping the nation and not enough people know about it. But first, let's cover why you probably don't want to choose the other methods out there that barely help anyone quit smoking and are usually a complete waste of money, time, energy, and most of all, do NOT help your health:

Statistical Success versus Failure of other "Quit Smoking" Methods


Some people in this world have values and ethics, and others don't. It's that simple.