Some people are very violent inside, but you wouldn't know it, unless some fight breaks out on the street near them and you watch them react, or not react for that matter. People "rubberneck" at auto wrecks so they can see if there's blood and guts on the scene. People cheer on fights and even rape, and those cases might not be as few and far between as the general "consensus" would estimate. Would you watch a public stoning of a mass murderer in town square if it was free and he was going to get the death penalty anyway, by injection or electric chair? Do you have pent up frustrations that just need airing out - - and maybe that's why violent video games and violent action movies sell so well in America. Think about that for a minute.

Wouldn't you know that before the AGENT ORANGE LIES and before the VACCINE LIES came the TOBACCO LIES, saying that it was good for your health to smoke, and that doctors recommended it by showing you their own favorite brands, while they tell you it's good for digestion! The lies and deceit of yesteryear are alive and well today, but while the CDC tells you cigarettes will kill you, they push toxic vaccines on you, laced with mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde.

According to Natural News, the controversial practice of cloud seeding to control weather is indeed moving out of the shadows and into the light. One company is now offering cloud seeding services to wealthy families wanting to plan a day of clear sunny weather in advance of important events. The cloud seeding service is even advertising a wedding package that promises a clear sunny day for up-and-coming brides and grooms.

Don't look up GMO! You don't want to know what it stands for, nor what it contains. Do not look it up on Google, because you will find a definition provided by Bayer, Syngenta and Monsanto - - a definition that does not define the end result - - to a means of making billions of dollars by putting pesticide in food like corn, soy and canola.

Do not ask questions about GMO. It's not patriotic, since lobbyists and politicians pay good money to endorse it.

Do you feel trapped? Do you feel captured by nicotine, wicked nicotine? Maybe you're one of the 45 million smokers who live in the USA. Do you smoke a pack a day? Step right up! Do you smoke two packs a day? Step right up! This is the platform, the yellow brick road to the castle of freedom, that rescues thousands of smokers from the plight of 4,000 chemicals in commercial cigarettes.

That's what the EPA says. Over 570 tons of lead fall from the airplanes over US skies each year - don't look up! Especially not with your mouth open. From GMO seeds to GMO spray of pesticide, right on up to the GMO skies, if you live anywhere near an airport or a military base, then wow is what you say, when you look up in the sky and see the chemtrails, and we're talking about the trails that DON'T DISSIPATE for up to an hour or two.

Who do you know that smokes, takes medications and could care less about buying organic food? Who do you know that wears too much makeup, drinks too many mixed drinks at the bar, or who always orders enough food for three? Maybe it's you that's being labeled by one of these "allopathic assault" genres, or maybe a handful, either way, what you end up with is a need for chronic medical attention and you might not like what you find.

It's fun to watch smart comedians like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert make fun of the insane government and Big Pharma that run television advertisements on all the major networks. Then you have Jimmy Kimmel, the hack that attacks people who are against vaccinations that contain embalming fluid, MSG and mercury, and comedy here has resorted to its basest level.