Friday, December 14, 2012

Antibiotic resistant bacteria in pork is a premonition for the future


Livestock and cattle have always been fed with antibiotics and GMO crops in order to make them healthy. Natural News has always stated that this would one day have adverse effects on human health. That day has probably come as antibiotic resistant bacteria and drugs have been found to be present in pork in huge numbers. So, it is now for people to decide what they want to do with pork, do they want to consume it or do they want to leave pork out of their food chart?


Pork has been one of the  favorite foods of Americans for many, many years. Though there are many countries in the world where pork is not regarded as a food at all, Americans have always found immense pleasure pork. But this favorite food is now harboring certain elements that are enough to spoil human life. It is to be kept in mind that pigs at cattle farms are fed with GMOs and antibiotics in order to make them resistant to diseases and make them more productive. This has impacted negatively as most of the pigs are now harboring antibiotic resistant bacteria in their body.

Natural News reports that the advent of antibiotic resistant bacteria or superbugs can bring an end to human civilization. These microscopic creatures may give rise to diseases that may become epidemic as it will not be possible to treat them by any sort of conventional medicine. To make the matter worse, almost 20 percent of the pork tested contained considerable amounts of ractopamine which is banned in the European Union, China and Taiwan though the U.S. authorities have not been able to take necessary steps to ban this drug in America. Though no serious health hazard has been reported as a result of consumption of pork, people should rethink their food habits and plan their food chart accordingly.    

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