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How was England just like America, the last 50 years before the Revolutionary War?



The Old Church Tyranny was much like the BioTech Tyranny of Today:


Shifting religious beliefs and rising commerce was accompanied by a decline in demand for religious uniformity – a step away from the belief, prevalent in the Middle Ages, that those with views different from their own were evil.



In the 1700s England had an agricultural output that was "at least twice that of any other European country …”

So what happened? Why did everyone flee for America?

Class and power abuse, just like the 1% in USA now

Class privilege remained, with most men unqualified to vote because of a land qualification law. A few owned much of the country's agricultural land. Some others owned small farms. Some people rented land from the big landowners, giving the landowner a share of the wealth they produced. The king of England still exercised executive powers. His ministers gained powers in the 1700s, the king seen as a unifying force while parliament was torn by conflict between Tories (conservatives) and Whigs (liberals) – Currently the Democraps and the Repugnantcans of the USA.

The Church of England was favored by England's landowning elite (just like Monsanto)


Crime was increasing with the advancing economy.


With crime increasing in England, rather than being hanged, many deemed guilty of a capital crime were sent to the Americas


Let me repeat that one: Rather than being hanged, many deemed guilty of a capital crime were sent to the Americas.

The Colonists from England included 50,000 convicts:

Between 1707 and 1775, 145,000 Scots are counted as having entered England's colonies along the Atlantic coast of the Americas. In this same period, around 100,000 Germans came, looking for economic opportunity, running from war and, to a lesser extent, from religious persecution.

England had FEW PEOPLE interested in migrating to the colonies, but England's courts sent around 50,000 convicts, who were employed as field hands, largely on tobacco plantations, and treated as slaves, including punishment by whipping

Today, America exports GMO to “feed the world!”

Monsanto/Bayer/Dupont/Dow/BASF = I.G. Farben (Hitler @ WWII)

the BioTech Tyranny of Today. GMO farms are like concentration camps.

“What do Monsanto, BASF, Bayer, Dow, DuPont and Syngenta all have in common? They are all manufacturers of poison who are funneling millions of dollars into the campaign to try to defeat Proposition 37 in California (the GMO labeling bill). In doing this, these six pesticide companies have cemented their positions in history as being among the most evil corporations in human history. Natural News is announcing a lifetime boycott of all six companies.”

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Today, you could say the mass numbers of “convicts” and the “criminals” are in the food. We eat and drink “criminalistic” food. Capital Murder Food. Capital Murder Big Agriculture. Cancer food. That’s GMO, the genetically mutated order! And Monsanto buys up farms, and farmer’s rights, and infringes on others, on their land and their rights, and takes their seeds, and over charges them, and drives them into the ground, literally. Monsanto is the “Church of the USA,” and their mad-scientific method of polluting crops and land is their TWISTED RELIGION. The U.S. Government works hand in hand with Monsanto, and hires it’s former VP’s and lobbyists to run the FDA! Yes they do.

When cancer hits 80 to 90% of USA, maybe the masses will realize they’ve been fooled by the TWO PARTY VOTE for a hundred years, simply trapped inside of a tyranny, voting for what they thought was the lessor of two evils, when all the while it was slight of hand. There are barely any checks and balances left in America, and there really haven’t been any since WWI.


Want the perfect example of the “Church of England” alive and well and running America?

Did you know that collecting rainwater is now illegal in many states as Big Government claims ownership over our water?

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