Monday, February 4, 2013

The new Samsung “smart” TV is the TRUE TO LIFE “conspiracy theory” that has its eyes on YOU in your home!

What’s this, a built in camera in your tv set that’s watching you do everything you do in the privacy of your den, your living room, your bedroom? Where’s your tv? Is it on while you walk around changing clothes or doing something naughty? What’s being recorded and could it be on the internet soon, edited, modified, or simply “raw” footage? Who has these black market tv’s, or are they not black market at all? How do you work it, or is that just for hackers? Do you unknowingly subscribe to the network, or is that just what the Corporations do that want to watch you? Is this a hoax? You may want to rethink that!
“According to NBC News, the Smart TV’s software weakness could give hackers access to every file on the television, any connected USB drive, and even the TV’s built-in camera and microphone. So potentially, you could wind up being the star of a hacker’s voyeur session and not even know it.”
Once the network is breached and they have your IP address, you can be targeted to be viewed, and everything you do in front of your TV could be viewed, recorded, and posted to the internet or even “sold” on the black market later.
Natural News coverage: “It sounds like some wild conspiracy theory or like something out of a science fiction movie, but it's true: it's possible that while you're watching your television, it could be watching you.”


"Consider that little kid next door that's good with computers," Travis Carelock, content director and research technologist at Black Hat, said, according to

Lots of people tap into Wi-Fi or the “hot spot” of their neighbors. Could it be that easy for them to tap into your living room through your TV?? Hackers want to know. Some of them are voyeuristic, too.


Maybe the government will buy all those rights, like they are doing now with all your Twitter and Facebook messages, including the personal/private ones. Oh, you didn’t know?


Natural News readers know: “Social networking giant Twitter has released a new report outlining all subpoenaed, court ordered, and search warranted requests made by the U.S. government for private information about the site's users throughout the past year.”

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Or maybe the Department of Homeland Security, working in tandem with the FBI, will buy the “home video” from the hackers to protect you from terrorism, or to arrest you for it, if you have some unregistered gun at home that you’re cleaning in the den. Or maybe you’re cheating on your spouse, and they want an investigation done, and they have the money and the connections to “check you out.” Maybe you just have an illegal cable tv connection, and now it’s turning into a little more than that. Maybe you took some psych meds a while back, and the police ran a cross check with your criminal background history, and somehow the new “illegal video” is necessary to protect the public from you, in case you have an “episode” (pardon the pun) while in front of your tv, like Jim Carey in “Truman Show” the movie about how society was watching his “soap opera” life in his home and he doesn’t even know.



Go to Walmart or Kmart or the Electronic Outlet near you now, and grab a SamSung smart TV and take a chance. Who knows, you might be singing Karaoke in your den one night and get chosen for “America’s got talent!”


Samsung Smart TV vulnerability gives hackers eyes and ears in the living room


In an e-mail exchange with Security Ledger, the Malta-based firm said that the previously unknown ("zero day") hole affects Samsung Smart TVs running the latest version of the company's Linux-based firmware. It could give an attacker the ability to access any file available on the remote device, as well as external devices (such as USB drives) connected to the TV. And, in a Orwellian twist, the hole could be used to access cameras and microphones attached to the Smart TVs, giving remote attacker the ability to spy on those viewing a compromised set.”

“The Malta-based security company, ReVuln, posted a video demonstrating how a team of researchers were able to hack into the Smart TV and access its setting, widgets, channel lists, USB drives and configurations for its remote control. The flaw permits hackers to gain access to any and all personal data stored on the TV as well, said the firm.”

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