Thursday, March 28, 2013

What do “Vitamin D, Omega 3’s, and Probiotics” have in common? They are the TOP 3 recommended supplements


Most health enthusiasts are misguided and make the same mistake. They believe that their food and supplements have enough nutrients in them to keep them healthy. They are not educated “enough” about GMO and dead vitamins to know what they are getting, and no matter how much they eat or take of it, it’s not enough to reach their own “par” for immunity, or even close to it.


The wrong supplements can be just as DEAD:


ABC lies about supplements:


The biggest mistake people make about nutrition is NOT researching soil. Whether or not you are a farmer, and whether or not you have your own garden at home, if you don’t know SOIL 101 you could be eating food that is totally void of nutrients. You see, the soil in many parts of America, including the huge farms owned by corporations, are polluted with pesticides and have been for decades. So, food from that soil is dead food, and the soil has no nutrients, so the body gets nothing, not from the broccoli and spinach, not from the beets or alfalfa, none of it.

CBS lies about supplements:


And a lot of pesticide runs off onto other land, private land, organic land, your land, and into your food, ruining it.

GMO, Pesticide laden supplements:

The second biggest mistake people make about nutrition is the supplements they buy. Everybody wants to do the right thing when they buy supplements. They have one goal in mind, get healthy and stay that way. But Big Pharma puts out BAD vitamins, and BAD supplements, and BAD protein shakes, and TOXIC probiotics. They cook the food to kill the Omega balance. They sell you sun block and bug repellent to kill the Vitamin D. They want you sick and the right people are buying the wrong health. They are buying bad health. Yes Bayer makes multivitamins, the same Nazi’s who killed 6,000,000 people 75 years ago. Monsanto, Dupont, and BASF are selling you TOXINS. Get smart. Read.


Learn SOIL 101 at natural news from the Health Ranger himself, Mike Adams.


Study: Organic farming outperforms conventional in yields, economic viability, conservation, and health

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