Monday, April 8, 2013

GMOs and modern medicines are designed to kill, while superfoods offer health and life

A lot of damage has been done to human society in the name of ‘evidence-based science’. It is by this name that human beings are continuously being subjected to toxins, chemicals and “slow” death. Natural News reports that GMOs that have always been propagated as the answer to food requirements of the future and are the most vivid proponents of diseases like cancer. Several studies conducted in different parts of the world have concluded that GMOs are directly related to the abnormal growth of cancerous tumors in rats which ultimately suffer an early death. More of this long term GMO study is reported at .


Is it only the GMOs that are causing mayhem in human life? No, it’s not. In fact, modern medicines are equally responsible for breeding deadly diseases in humans. In a book titled 25 Amazing Facts about the Hidden History of Medicine, several truths about modern medicine and the corrupt pharmaceutical industry have been revealed— truths that have been kept away from human eyes for long. According to Mike Adams, this book is a “startling revelation” of the true nature of modern medicines and the pharmaceutical industry. Know more of this book at .


While GMOs and modern medicines continue to kill people, superfoods offer the ultimate alternative for good health and a long life. These foods are grown in a purely organic way and are devoid of any harmful chemicals and toxins. Moreover, these superfoods are derived from natural ingredients that can prove to be effective as far as maintaining immunity to common environmental toxins and for maintaining ideal health. Most of these foods are offered at a discounted price so that everyone can afford buying them. Anyone interested in such superfoods can visit online Natural News store and can place an order over the internet. Visit to know more on this.

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