Saturday, April 27, 2013

GMOs versus Organics— The battle rages on!


It has always been propagated that GMO foods are the ultimate answer to the impending to the food crisis of the future. But as it turns out GMO foods are nothing more than carriers of deadly diseases, the conflict between GMOs and Organic foods has once again been reignited. Natural News reports that Dr Mehmet Oz, who has already earned some notoriety due to his affiliation towards vaccines and GMOs, has in fact advocated the labeling of GMO foods. In an interview with GMO expert Jeffery Smith, Dr. Oz stated that the American people had the right to know what is there in their food, in order to support GMO labeling. Know more on this at .


Dr. Oz’s stand on GMOs has always been criticized by the common people. Though he supported GMO labeling, his attack on organic foods has not been taken lightly by many. In fact, many people do think that his attack on organic foods is a part of a well planned campaign initiated by biotech giants against the organic food industry. It is thought that the statements made by Dr. Oz while attacking organic foods were drafted by the P.R. company that was behind the No on 37 campaign supporting GMO foods. The complete article can be read at .


The push for organic foods is not lagging behind. Natural News put forward ten health benefits of eating avocado on regular basis. According to Dr. Daniel G. Amen who authored Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, regular consumption of avocado leads to the development of the brain and can prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s. It is also considered to be effective in maintaining a healthy heart and healthy eyes. The folic acid present in avocado can help in the development the brain and other vital organs when consumed by pregnant women. Know more on this at .


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