Monday, April 1, 2013

Got Narcolepsy? Swine Flu Hoax vaccine greatly increases your chances of contracting deadly neurological disorder!


UK and Finland researchers confirm (again) narcolepsy cases running amuck from Swine Flu (Hoax) Vaccine “Pandemrix”; Natural News has coverage of this. Here are the basics behind the nightmare of the disorder and how it is contracted:

What is Narcolepsy? A chronic neurological disorder caused by the brain's inability to regulate sleep-wake cycles normally. Can you fall asleep at the wheel? What about on a flight of stairs or while operating heavy machinery, like a tractor or a military SUV Hummer or tank? There’s a lot more chance of dieing from an accident while suffering from narcolepsy than from the flu. Natural remedies for the flu are buried by the FDA and the CDC, and all you have to do is read the news from other countries regarding the ill effects of vaccines on the body to know.

Welcome to the United States of Inflammation, where the Government and Big Pharma rule, and they want you to be sick. If you think that’s a joke, just look at what is going on in the vaccine industry. Millions of babies and young kids are being injected with toxins which go untested, all in the name of “preventing” a disease or two which most likely can be prevented or cured with simple natural immune builders that Natural News store sells on line, without any dangers of side effects or neurological conditions for life!

The United States of Inflammation: Welcome to the land of the obese and inflamed. Most food and medicine causes inflammation and the Big Industries that propulgate it know exactly what they are doing! Eat and drink toxins and then get medicated with more. Shoot toxins into your arm for fear you might catch a disease that either doesn’t exist or is simply preventable with proper nutrition and herbs and tinctures. Who knows? Natural News readers know. Mike Adams the Health Ranger knows. Who doesn’t know? The masses who turn on their TV’s and read the daily newspaper for their updates and insight.


The U.S. mainstream media completely ignores bad news from other countries which are a perfect model of the nightmares being inflicted on Americans every day. In the UK and in Finland, they are confirming earlier research that Swine flu injections are toxic injections causing a wrath of health problems for people, some of which are incurable. And all of this for a flu epidemic which has very low death statistics, if any of those are even true anyway. The chronic care system of the U.S. is relentlessly scaring the masses into getting vaccinated, for one thing or another, like its commonplace, almost like they’re telling people to double up on vitamin c or something. Vaccines are one of the most harmful things to shock the body into immune response, basically a fight or flight reaction, but that reaction is based on the body being invaded by pathogens, bacteria, new viruses mixed in labs, chemical adjuvants, emulsifiers, heavy metals, mercury, MSG and much more, including ASO3!

Have you been called at home and tracked to see if you’ve been injected with Big Pharma toxins yet? Want some ASO3 in your blood, so you can fall asleep at the wheel on the highway on your next family vacation?


ASO3: What is a Squalene-based adjuvant? It’s supposed to help kick start the immune response, but what does it REALLY DO?  It causes conditions like severe autoimmune disease, neurological damage, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus, as well as many others.

Gulf War Syndrome from Swine Flu Vaccines: GI’s from the gulf war developed skin lesions and ulcers from the swine flu hoax vaccine. It’s documented!


Natural News is covering the atrocity: “"It is now abundantly clear that throughout the world, Pandemrix has caused thousands of children to develop narcolepsy during only a couple of years," explains "There is now no evading the reality of the devastation caused by this vaccine that was pushed through a campaign of fear mongering about a mild disease."

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