Friday, May 31, 2013

It's "kill or be killed" when it comes to GMO: WWIII: War of Humans vs. Pesticides

If you have not already, Go 100% Organic NOW! This is the time. The corrupt forces of Big Agriculture and Big Pharma want your health, your money and your soul. They’re selling you corrupted food with DNA from insects, bacteria, viruses and chemicals have taken over the conventional food and water supply. The food is cheap and packaged well, and colored just right. The Medicine is a huge cover up, of the symptoms of disease that’s festering. The cumulative effect of GMO food is brewing a world of sickness. GMO food borne disease festers inside the organs of all animals that consume it. It burns your immunity. It disintegrates your gut flora and dissolves your digestive tract. The chemicals are burning a hole in world health. Western Medicine, untested pharmaceuticals, chemo and radiation are feeding the flames of a fire burning out of control. Don’t let your health burn. Wake up. Shape up. Get informed and stay informed. Share what you learn with everyone you can. Evolution is in nature, not in a laboratory, where scientists mix the genes of animals, plants, insects, and epidemics. The future of food lives in organic gardens protected from the runoff of GMO and chemicals. The future of food lives in sharing natural news and events that affect your rights to live naturally, not infected by bad food, bad water, and bad medicine.



You see, GMO began in the early 90’s, and that’s when conventional, processed food went from being just useless and dead, void of nutrients, to toxic, carcinogenic and the ultimate health wrecker. The human body can only take but so much, and when it gets overloaded with dead food, it breaks down. Now that dead food contains pesticide in its genes, so the human body cannot even recognize the poison, at least not right away, in time to try to filter it, through the liver, the kidneys, the pancreas, through the intestines and out the colon or the bladder. Wait, did I just name all the major cancer centers? Is there one big Mother Ship we can destroy, and end the cancer nightmare for everyone? Could GMO be the head of the snake? If we can cut off GMO, can the rest of the beast survive? Once people wake up to GMO, won’t they wake up to the whole lie, about bug killer and weed killer being alright for humans to eat every day? Will everybody stop eating processed, dead food and buy organic all the time? Organic costs about the same now, or had you not noticed? Be selective and smart. Go look. Look for the word organic at the grocery store, at the farmer’s market, at the natural news store on line, in the health blog, on the social media sites that support natural remedies and organic food rights.


Smart phone app 'Fooducate' could be the beginning of the end of GMO
Learn more:




Health Ranger Mike Adams inspects it himself. He knows what he is doing folks! Read his reviews of supplements and learn fast!




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