Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Obamacare very much like “Romneycare” – if you can’t afford it, call an ambulance!

Did someone say there’s a free lunch at the health clinic? Yes, it comes with the buffet boondoggle and a stack of pancakes. It seems that if you go to Healthcare.gov, there’s no mention of anything “free” anymore, but didn’t all those 47%’ers vote for Obama because the National Health Care “dream” was the core of that vote? Everybody remembers Mitt Romney saying that if you can’t afford healthcare, an ambulance will come to your apartment (because he thinks if you’re not in the 1% your are a renter) and those medics will “give you care.” Or you can just check into the emergency room at $10,000 a night, and pay the bill as part of your chapter 13 bankruptcy you file afterwards, or maybe you won’t have to pay the bill ever when you file chapter 7 bankruptcy, and then it is FREE!! Yipee.


Mitt Romney: No Health Insurance? Go to the Emergency Room 


The BIGGEST LIES are surfacing, finally, and the Obamacare rats and maggots are all about to wake up and find out “somebody moved their cheese.” Do you like the doctors and nurses at the community health care center? Do you like filling out a clipboard full of forms while your head is bleeding or your child is choking to death? Hey, you voted for it! Obama – the great orator! Told you what you wanted to hear … well, what you THOUGHT you wanted to hear. Who really wants healthcare that costs more than ever and only includes disease management and symptom cosmetics? If you think there is free or low cost care beginning now that it’s October, 2013, finally, you are dead wrong. Check the site, my friends, the wording has changed, and the word free is GONE! Yep, it’s in the URL but it’s not in writing on the site itself, no wonder why: https://www.healthcare.gov/where-can-i-get-free-or-low-cost-care/


Hey government feeders, want a free lunch? Go to a homeless shelter and wait in line with the dregs. Want some free doctor’s advice and some prescription drugs for pain and depression? File taxes with the IRS and give them your medical records for review. Maybe Obama will start the “guns for drugs” program, where you trade in weapons for Prozak and Xanax, and for automatic weapons you get Oxycodone and Oxycontin! Got any ammo clips that hold ten bullets or more, you can get supersized healthcare points redeemable at FEMA camps in your region for first aid during the upcoming Holocaust.

National (and free or low-cost) Healthcare is a joke my friends! What government would ever pay to help heal or fix the very people they are poisoning with GMO, fluoride, and mercury vaccines? Healthcare is a Ponzi scheme, so run now, punch in your social security number to the NSA database and apply to be shnooked and rooked. Just like the Nazi’s, the U.S. Government is beginning population reduction, and it starts with IRS mandated healthcare “on line.” "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042294_Obamacare_free_healthcare_government_lies.html##ixzz2gTOu9PqM

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