Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Mad Mad Dash for a 20 TRILLION DOLLAR debt for U.S. is underway


Do you think there’s lots of gold stored in a huge vault in New York or Texas? Do you think the U.S. politicians knew about Pearl Harbor before it happened, and is that why they took MOST of the fleet out of the Harbor prior to the “attack?” Do you think EX-president George W. idiot Bush knew about 9/11 before it happened, and is that why when the secret service told him it was UNDERWAY, he didn’t flinch or change his expression for even a second? You must have missed Fahrenheit 9/11 – where they catch him on film in an elementary school classroom. Yep, he knew!



How can Obama and his cohorts best get ready for the Revolution? They stockpile their money and arm the DHS with hollow point bullets and automatic weapons. How can the Republicans hoard their wealth fast enough? - Keep the War going in the Middle East and Big Pharma in charge of cancer treatments and vaccine manufacturing. How are the banks “preparing” for the financial apocalypse? Stockpiling cash, but is it really for that MAD MAD ATM WITHDRAWAL RUSH, or it for the VPs to make their mad dash to highlands, non-city-land, to the timeshare condo in the Bahamas or the Mountains, maybe to Hawaii, that place that got “attacked” about 70 years back, cuz lightning never strikes the same place twice!


What does this all have to do with you and your life right now?


Natural News Breaking Story: A Must Read:


“Banks are stockpiling cash ahead of anticipated financial panic” 


“Many of the nation's biggest banks are stockpiling cash for ATM machines in case the public becomes panicked over a potential U.S. default.”




So, then, who is saving their silver (nickels) and their gold (organic soil and seeds)? Who is padding their savings account (lockbox/safe full of cash at your home)? Which medical coverage plan are you choosing (Nutritionist, Naturopath, Organic supplements, Superfoods)?


And who is saving their batteries and bullets? Who is saving their non-fluoridated spring water? Who is stockpiling storable food that has high nutritional value?


Who is protecting their civil rights, the Constitution, and freedom of speech and press?

Don’t forget about this, it happened this year: Red China USA? Censorship in full swing as YouTube censors TSA video; Fox News pulls Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch

Learn more:



It’s a mad, mad race to control your thinking and cash in YOUR money? Will the feds do it for you? Will they cash in your health too? The Financial Landslide is one big rock away from and full fledged avalanche. Obama’s goons are pushing that rock over the crest now. Watch and learn. Surthrival is the name of the game now:


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