Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just punch your social security number in “Pandora’s Box” – Obamacare “exchange” opens up millions of “glitches”


How do you take 500 million lines of code and a website no more functional than a slow run mom-n-pop e-bay business, and con millions of Americans that somehow it’s going to be fixed next week? It’s like watching Chris Angel make something disappear on television, with some paid spectators and a couple good actors smiling in the background. This is the Obama presentation and ultimate promise of his whole career – that this website will work Nov 30th, but the funny thing is, he just covers each busted lie with another lie that doesn’t seem so busted, until after the con is set. How will all the techies take that code and make it smooth? They won’t. They can’t. And people are going to load it up with their most private, confidential information which would only empower this corrupt administration later, when there are catastrophic “events” to manage, and we could be talking about health, new laws like NDAA II, DHS house visits/census, farm and garden inspections, street video review audits, smart meter convictions, smart tv house arrest, they could get really creative with enforcing “laws” if they KNOW you don’t have a gun or guns, and they know when you get home from work, and when you LEAVE. They know about the nasty divorce fight or the medical collections from some other state, and they know about your emails and social posts since Obama took office, when all that went “live” and began being recorded (NSA/Prism).







Don’t forget the coverage : “PRISM slide leaked by the Guardian: NSA has direct access to servers of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple and others”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040693_nsa_spy_grid_prism_slides_tech_giants.html#ixzz2ll6qzx00


They’ll know what medications you’re on; if they’re anti-depressants or anti-anxiety. Maybe it was just ADHD, but they’ll be classified the same in the DSM IV, because they contain many of the same chemicals. When all your information cruises around cyberspace, in and out of lists that are categorized, scrubbed, filtered and “loaded” into the FEMA database. Identity theft will take on a whole new level come January 1st, 2014. Will they control your VOTE? Will you too have a problem at the polls, because you know the Democrats are going to do just about ANYTHING to win 3 years from now? Are you their enemy or their cohort? You better start asking questions and researching the truth about this forced healthcare horror story that’s come to life.


Natural News is reporting the following from the Washington Free Beacon coverage:


The experts said the personal information of millions of Americans is at risk, including Social Security numbers, birthdays, incomes, home mortgages, and addresses. Rep. Mo Brooks (R., Ala.) called it the "mother lode for identity theft."

"Americans should be scared to death," said Rep. Chris Stewart (R., Utah).

"You create an unintended series of cascading events you have no control over because you don't have a grasp of what the code is actually doing," he said. "You think you've changed one thing, by doing that you've opened up a Pandora's box of vulnerabilities on the other side." … “China-based hackers could "absolutely" break into the online marketplace.”

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