Saturday, December 28, 2013

Obamacare has more bugs that the cornfields of Nebraska – and the “individual mandate” may fail afterall

To kill a vampire, one must drive a stake through the heart of the otherwise “eternal” beast. In the case of forced eternal sickcare (the A.C.A. – unaffordable care act), that would be a “dagger” in the form of 36 states not running their own exchanges. How will the federal “subsidy” work then? Will they be doled out to the masses who can’t even register on healthcare.gump because it barely works when more than a couple hundred people go on line at once, or will premiums skyrocket by as much as 1,000%, costing more than a mortgage to get coverage for pre-existing conditions, cancer care and surgery to remove organs that aren’t working properly due to GMO food consumption? Is that the kind of care you want? Do you need it? Will you accept money from the government for bad medicine? Will you qualify? Will you punch your personal, most confidential information into the loose-run exchange, where hackers steal identities, credit cards, bank records, social security numbers, job information, places of residence, medical records, and more from YOU?


How do we kill the vampire – Obamacare? The Supreme Court thinks the "law" is innocent. The Democrats love sucking blood (money and health) from the humans. Romney care would have been NO different. Steal from the poor and give to the rich, it would have just been more of the lower “class” – as the King of America always “reaches” out to during the campaign speeches. Funny how they always “classify” and “categorize” all the humans, the working sick who vote and pay taxes. So go on, register for some superbugs in the superbug exchange and see what it gets you! Go on sheeple, plug in your social security number and maybe they’ll even let you pre-vote soon, for that next election, where there’s even MORE forced mandates, unconstitutional laws regarding your medicine, free speech, food rights and indefinite detention without trial, lawyer, judge or jury.




Natural News has coverage of this precedent that may be set to unravel the “law of the land” (forced sick care). Jonathan H. Adler, a conservative law professor (itself a rarity) at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, might have spotted an error which could unravel a very large portion of it (Individual mandate of Obamacare). "In other words," the news magazine reported, "the entire law could come crashing down on the 36 states that have opted not to run their own exchanges."

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DC judge quickly greenlights case that could bring down Obamacare


NDAA does apply to you, my friends! – Not just Obamacare! Will you be hauled away to some unknown prison or grave in a few years for NOT registering for Obamacare? The IRS/FEMA/NDAA/DHS and Obamacare WANT you!


In the aftermath of the signing of the NDAA by the traitorous President Obama, some citizens remain completely hoodwinked by the language of the bill, running around the internet screaming that the law "does not apply to American citizens."

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