Thursday, January 2, 2014

“McResource line” for McDonald’s thinks everyone is rich, not just the CEOs

Are you rich and powerful? Do you run a multi-million dollar corporation, live in a mansion with a butler, have a chauffer, and eat filet mignon for breakfast? I’m sure if you are you NEVER eat McDonald’s burger, fries and coke, because you know it’s really really bad for your health, and besides, it says it’s unhealthy on the company resource website, so it’s just common sense. Wait a second though, everyone is not rich, powerful, and hungry for pesticide food, and GMO high fructose corn syrup soda, so maybe poor people have common sense too, we better double check. What about all those average “joes” who work for average wage, or minimum wage even, but are educated, still working at McDonalds because the economy in the U.S. is still in the gutter? What about the people who work and McDonald’s and are supposed to “think of the company” and “do what’s good for the company?” What about when they see the website that thinks everyone is rich and that their own food they serve the BILLIONS, like the sign says, turns out to be what the CEOs avoid and know is bad news? Could THEY be dumb enough to say it on their site? You better get “McReady” for the real news on this atrocity.


Natural News reports on this:


The world's most well-known fast food corporation is in damage control mode after an internal resource that the company created for its employees embarrassingly advised them to stop eating its own food offerings. CNN reports that the McDonald's corporation officially shut down its so-called "McResource Line" after an official nutrition guide posted on the site warned McDonald's employees that eating a burger, fries and a Coke -- the staple meal at McDonald's -- is an "unhealthy choice" when it comes to food.

Learn more:


Do you live in a 3 story house with a swimming pool, a hot tub, a sauna, and a bath house? Do you keep a couple hundred dollars cash in your pocket at all times, just in case you ‘gotta tip’ the pool guy or the lawn care crew a few Benjamins? Do you eat caviar and drink $100 bottles of wine and champaigne like they’re going out of style? You must know better, then, to pollute your body with processed beef patties from CAFO feedlots and eat brominated white bread. You must know better than to pollute your digestive tract with acrylamide-laden fries deep fried in GMO soybean oil!

Good thing they removed the pink slime last year, or they might have posted the news about that too on the McResource LINE:

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