Friday, February 28, 2014

All too familiar “polio-like” illnesses strike California children – maybe they have NPAFP - Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis


The story of five children with poor limb function in California has apparently hit the “world media” – well, I mean the U.S. mainstream media, like a bombshell, and everyone is starting to worry about a Polio outbreak that could hit like a Tsunami!


These five children have Polio-like syndrome, sources are saying. Quick, check to see if they are from India, or if they were living there 3 years ago, when Polio was supposedly wiped out with vaccines! If it’s enterovirus-68 – well then, quarantine the cluster of five “leppers” because that will keep them away from the rest of the herd. Yes, America the herders. We love our herding theory. Get those unvaccinated, healthy kids away from our infected vaccinated kids who have come down with some weird (GMO) version of the real thing, the one that paralyzes whole nations, except for America, where everyone has built up antibodies to defeat it! (Two children tested positive for enterovirus-68, a rare virus previously associated with polio-like symptoms)


Did GMO/Biotech/Big Pharma create new versions of Polio in the laboratories and test them on people?

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“According to reports, there are now about 25 or more cases, and counting, of a new "polio-like" outbreak in California children … The scenario of children vaccinated against polio and other illnesses coming down with a "polio-like" illness is all too familiar.”



We always call the USA the world, because we have the biggest military and the Superbowl “world” champions, as if we even offered to include any other countries in the “National” football league. The USA saves the world by bombing them and then feeding the victims a little GMO. We install democracy and vaccinate the third world starving countries with mercury and aluminum. We protect the world against Polio and praise the inventor for saving America from Polio paralysis. But it’s our vaccinated children who get Polio now, during these little outbreaks at schools, and “mumps outbreaks” at college campuses. Yes, it’s the herd that infecting the herd, and the organic UN-VACCINATED children are safe with their turmeric, their garlic, the medicinal mushrooms and their Superfoods, and the organic children are safe from “fear mongering” because their parents tune into Natural News for the truth about enterovirus-68 and the epidemic in India! Yes we know the big picture, so your little “outbreaks” don’t fool us.


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What they won't admit about measles outbreaks: Most children who catch measles were already vaccinated. (NaturalNews) Big Pharma, the CDC and other public health organizations tell the mainstream media (MSM) what to report about outbreaks and epidemics:



Courts discreetly confirm MMR vaccine causes autism


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Fordham University mumps outbreak affecting only vaccinated students; school bans unvaccinated students anyway”
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