Thursday, March 6, 2014

Are you shortening your years on Planet Earth?

You may have been sleeping on sheets washed in laundry detergents containing chemicals like sulfates, perfumes and dyes. Your skin can easily absorb these, especially if you sweat. Hop out of bed and head to the bathroom, where you might be brushing your teeth with fluoride, whiteners and dyes that contain heavy metals. Many mouthwashes contain sorbitol, sucralose, aspartame or any combination of toxic artificial sweeteners, not to mention artificial coloring and artificial flavors made from chemicals. Most people use deodorants and antiperspirant that contains aluminum, chemicals and parabens. If you are female, you may be using synthetic and toxic cosmetics that contain whale blubber, heavy metals, parabens and phthalates. (

Head to the kitchen now, where you have a little snack to start your day -- this might consist of a Danish, a doughnut, a bowl of cereal, a bagel or a muffin, and all of these most likely include genetically modified corn sugar (HFCS -- high fructose corn syrup), wheat (gluten), processed sugar, and artificial fruit made from gelatin and corn syrup solids.

Have a glass of (conventional) milk and you're most likely consuming artificial hormones (rBST/rBGH), pus from udder infections and antibiotics that are given to most corporate farm milking cows.

Have a cup of coffee and if you add refined sugar, artificial sweetener or conventional creamer you are most likely consuming pesticides, GMO lab-made sugar substitutes which actually make you gain weight, and junk-science artificial flavorings added to most synthetic creamers. If you chew gum or suck on breath mints during the day, you are also most likely consuming cancer-causing carcinogens, also known as artificial sweeteners.

So what's for lunch and dinner? Most people consume bleached, enriched and fortified bread (that means no nutrients), meat that comes from animals that were bred in CAFOs, confined animal feeding operations, and cheese that contains rennit (calf stomach lining) and comes from the same abused animals that are given cancer-causing growth hormones. People who make drinks by mixing tap water in their tea, coffee and powdered drink mixes are consuming toxic fluoride, which causes bone decay, lowered IQ and cancer, just to name a few "minor" health problems.

Also, many supplements are manufactured and sold by the very corporations that want you sick. Be careful and shop wisely in this realm.

Top off all that with some alcohol, cigarettes and soda and you are slowly and methodically taking years off your life, whether by heart attack, stroke, cancer or diabetes.


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