Friday, March 28, 2014

How does Flight 370 have similar “disappearance” and “foul play” scenario to the 9/11 “crash” of Flight 93 over Pennsylvania?


Do you remember? Do you recall that they never found any fuselage or human remains at all from Flight 93 that “crashed” in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001? The black box was found days later and then “buried” by “investigators” so the American public couldn’t ever know what was said by the pilots or anyone “else” in the cockpit. Why wasn’t that whole event ever investigated? The idiot box (TV) just showed a smoking hole in ground in some rural field and some bumbling idiots walking around like a plane had crashed there. They did that for a few days while everyone else worried about terrorism throughout the country. The theory about flight 93 being shot down by a jet was never examined either. Maybe they should rename “Shanksville” and call it “Pranksville, Pennsylvania.” What about all the phony phone calls to relatives that were done by people who asked for their parents by their last name? That was the same day that World Trade Center building 7 imploded demolition style and was reported by BBC to have fallen before it actually did. Pay it forward 13 years to Flight 370.


So far, we have no black box, no radar signature of an explosion or crash, and no fuselage or human remains of any kind, anywhere. Could Flight 370 be parked somewhere right now, in some hanger, next to Flight 93? Maybe Flight 370 stopped to refuel (in Afghanistan at the Military-Industrial Complex, and is now at Guantanamo Bay.


Did you know they found a woman’s I.D. in perfect condition at the Flight 93 “impact area” just as they found a terrorist’s passport in perfect condition at ground zero in NY on 9/11? Will they soon find someone’s I.D. from Flight 370 just floating in the Indian Ocean, wrapped up and sealed nicely in some cellophane bag? What’s next for our Mass Media fix? What huge lie comes next about Flight 370, in order to cover up the truth they probably knew before take off?








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