Monday, March 17, 2014

Of the 315,000,000 people in the United States in 2014, more than 200 million eat GMO everyday – heading towards cancer


Big Food invests mainly in one area and that is Big Pharma. Food is processed and cooked dead and then labeled as “fortified” to fool the public that it contains any nutritional value at all, when it doesn’t. Now since about 1990, food has been multiplicatively worsened by genetic modification to contain weed killer and bug killer, so on top of being dead food, for two decades it has been contaminated with poison on the inside. The seeds and plants now contain chemicals that kill pests, and guess what the human beings are that consume them?




Ask any natural health enthusiast this question and they will estimate the same number. More than fifty percent, and closer to 75 or 80% of the masses do NOT eat organic food regularly, if ever. To find this fact you could simply look at the GNP of organic versus Conventional (GMO) food and drinks. You would also have to consider personal products, cosmetics, lotions, soaps, etc. into the equation because the skin is the largest organ, and if you are using chemical care products on your skin then you are also consuming “cancer” as GMO, heavy metal toxins, parabens, phthalates and more.


To fully understand how GMO breeds cancer, one can simply ask the question to search engines, and look for credible sourcing. Jeffrey Smith is an authority on explaining how GM seeds are derived, composed, concocted and grown in the crop fields across America. Organizations which oppose Monsanto with all their heart and might are screaming the dangers of modifying seeds with insect DNA and bacterial organisms that otherwise would have never cross bred with vegetables and fruits.




This from Natural News:


Make sure you buy "Non-GMO Project Verified." The Non-GMO Project begins where organic certification ends. The project certifies products that have less than 0.9 percent GMO contamination.

Check labels and dodge the "Factory Four." Corn, soy and sugar (the latter from GM sugar beets) and vegetable oils that are made from GM crops are the four most common GM ingredients you'll encounter in your food. Another thing to remember: About 90 percent of all corn grown in the
U.S. is genetically engineered.

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