Monday, April 7, 2014

As if GMO was not enough, we now have hybrid seeds that can have serious impacts on our overall health!


According to Natural News, the term hybrid, which we often see in seed catalogs, refers to a plant variety developed through specific, controlled cross-breeding between two parent plants. Usually, these are naturally compatible within the same species. This is the kind of hybridization that takes place naturally in the wild. All plant breeders who respect Mother Nature simply "steer the process" to control the outcome. This not a GMO; in other words, this normal hybrid would not be the result of genetic "engineering," or modification, of organisms for agricultural profits at the risk of human health.
As reported by Wired magazine recently:
[T]he company is introducing novel strains of familiar food crops, invented at Monsanto and endowed by their creators with powers and abilities far beyond what you usually see in the produce section. The lettuce is sweeter and crunchier than romaine and has the stay-fresh quality of iceberg. The peppers come in miniature, single-serving sizes to reduce leftovers.
Also, according to the Wired coverage of this atrocity, Monsanto executive Kenny Avery said, "Grocery stores are looking in the produce aisle for something that pops, that feels different."
"[E]ndowed by their creators with powers and abilities..." -- Really? Give me a break! Mixing several species from around the globe can be dangerous. Genetically modified (GM) varieties mix seed traits from several species, which rarely occurs in nature and can mean the combining of genetic material from say, bacteria to plants. The goal of GMO is to kill bugs and weeds, so "killer" bacteria are inserted into your food, essentially.
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Is it hybrid or GMO, or both? Most people who have NO IDEA what they're talking about will argue that seeds have been "genetically modified" for thousands of years. This is not true. Other people use that argument to trick you into thinking that hybrid means GMO, or vice versa. Seeds are open-pollinated, hybridized through cross-breeding or genetically modified. Open pollination does include natural transferring from wind, birds and insects. Saving seeds from the best batches is how you isolate the best "genes" and hybrids. Some farmers are skilled at keeping the sweetest or juiciest fruits and vegetables this way.
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