Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The “cognitively accomplished” New America that rules by the Constitution – A Natural News inside look


Health, Environment and the Constitution – three great reasons to follow natural news regularly, daily, and usually many times a day – that’s the way to stay informed and to make informed decisions, about life and how to live it. Certainly the boob-tube TV won’t tell you what you need to know, and the newspapers are scripted as badly as Wolfe Blitzer himself. Do you know the Revolutionary War of 2014 has already been fought, without firing a single shot, and it just happened this week in Nevada? If you’ve been watching CNN and MSNBC, or ABC, CBS or NBC – well then you missed it.


The Constitution was defended on horseback, with armed citizens taking to the dirt roads to protect their cattle and their land from the FED FRACKERS. Yes, the government is selling fracking contracts and thieving minerals, and it’s not just in Afghanistan or Iraq, - but this home turf invasion went way too far, and the federal “occupancy” and cattle “concentration camps” got cold busted in action, during the attempted heist, of rights, of land, of righteousness, and the whole land and resource illegal “grab” blew up in their faces. http://www.naturalnews.com/044698_American_Revolution_Bundy_Ranch_Battle_of_Bunkerville.html




As the Health Ranger puts in best, “the cognitively accomplished” just set a precedent by fighting a battle with logic, common sense and ethics. Ooops, sorry U.S. government, about your bad luck! All Americans are not retarded from your fluoride water. All Americans are not mentally challenged and looking for their rights in a fenced off area with signs that read “1st Amendment Area.” The first amendment area is the soil known as the United States, including Nevada. This peaceful “stand off” set new precedents for human rights and personal freedom that cannot be erased or eradicated, ever!


Mike Adams writes this about the Bundy family and the peaceful militia that stepped up to the “plate” to defend the Constitution and win this preliminary Revolutionary War:


“Most of what you are being told about these people is propaganda, not factual truth. As a result, when you think you are about to go toe-to-toe with what you've been taught are "low IQ, inbred anti-government extremists," the truth is that many of these people are actually far more cognitively accomplished than your own agents. For example, members of the Bundy family possess well-developed philosophical ideas about liberty, personal perseverance and spiritual courage.”


“Members of the Bundy family possess well-developed philosophical ideas about liberty, personal perseverance and spiritual courage. At the same time, most lower-tier federal agents have never spent any real time pondering ethics, values, courage or philosophy at all.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/044728_federal_agents_rules_of_engagement_new_media.html#ixzz2yxsA6ZiY


Listen to secret recordings that reveal the Fed’s plot that got unraveled by Alternative Media:

















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