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How to naturally stop smoking cigarettes – and never go back!

14 & Out ... A 90 minute class you’ll never forget, but always thank!

Intro: Knowledge is King

Learn the BIG secret of WHY cigarettes are so addictive. Find out how Marlboro and Kool hooked an entire nation of smokers in one year, nearly putting every other cigarette manufacturer out of business!

Find out the 4 unlisted secret ingredients that keep you sick and tired, heading for early death.

Understand why "cold-turkey" quitters go back, and why the patch, gum, and pills rarely keep smokers away for long.

Learn stress reduction techniques without smoking.

Finally, once and for all, you will despise cigarettes, and never go back!


This class is the end of your habit! 

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21 Questions and Answers!

Learn the answers to the 21 questions that directly address the reason why you started, the reasons why you still smoke, and most importantly all the reasons why you haven’t quit. Other programs, medications, devices and gimmicks don’t take into account the fact that everyone is different. People have several different reasons why they smoke, not just one or two. When people try to quit, they usually fail for several reasons also, not just one. It’s not just the nicotine. It’s not just because it relaxes you. This habit and its cure are personal and unique to every individual. There are mental, emotional, and physiological reasons people smoke, and there are mental, emotional, and physiological reasons people can’t quit, and that is exactly what we address with this 90 minute class. When people take the patch or chew the gum, they are only addressing one attribute of the smoking addiction, and even with that, the quantities and qualities of that attribute are not measured properly, so the "weening" process is skewed.

Learn key secrets in the manufacturing process the cigarette companies don’t want you to know about. How can the nicotine in a cigarette be 35 times as strong as they would have us believe? What could cigarette manufacturers be doing behind closed doors to make cigarettes have this lethal effect? Isn’t it like alcohol where you can look at the label and know what you’re getting? Who regulates the maximum nicotine content in a cigarette? What’s the dosage?

Ever heard of Jolt Cola, the cola with massive amounts of caffeine? What if there was a beer or wine that the shelves that had 35 times the alcohol content than typical, but it didn’t say anything on the label about it? Could you imagine the wrecks, the D.U.I.’s, the court cases that would ensue because of it. Guess what? Most of the premium brands of cigarettes have up to 35% more nicotine potency than you think, and the manufacturers don’t have to label them.

If you google a picture of a cigarette manufacturing machine, it looks like some kind of scientific forensics lab, equipped with all kinds of bottles full of chemicals with tubes connected and meters to measure everything. What the hell are they doing to them that we don’t know about? In my class, we dissect a cigarette, and you find out the real deal.

Why don’t cigarettes go out in heavy wind? You can hold your cigarette out the car window while driving down the highway and it won’t go out. Why? Try rolling your own and see what happens. Ever been burned by the lit end of a cigarette? I have. It can leave a scar for life. The tip of the cigarette burns at about 1700 degrees Fahrenheit during the smoker’s inhale, and at over 1,000 degrees when idle between drags. You think that’s just paper and tobacco burning?!

And why do cigarettes burn so evenly, from start to finish? They never trail up one side. Are they wrapped in simple paper, or is there more to it than that? Is something flammable weaved carefully into the paper that wraps the tobacco? Also, trees are not white, they’re brown, but most cigarettes are white. If the paper has been dyed white with bleach, does that mean you’re smoking bleach?

What happens when you burn pesticides, insecticides, and weed killers, like round up? Isn’t that what they spray in huge doses on the tobacco plants to keep away bugs and weeds?

Why does it take up to 15 years for a cigarette filter to disintegrate? If it was just cotton and paper, and I threw it in the yard, it would be gone after a couple rainstorms. And what’s in a cigarette filter that keeps it from getting hot? You can smoke it down to the nub and your fingers won’t even get warm. How is it insulated? Is it some kind of fiberglass insulation, like in your attic?

Why do smokers love to have a cigarette after meals? There’s not a chance in the world that the nicotine aids in digestion, so what’s the deal? Most asked will say it relaxes them, but how? If you quit smoking, what will you do to replace this "benefit" that’s gone?

Why do smokers cough so much right when they get out of bed in the morning? How come nothing comes up, like when you have a cold or allergies, sometimes you can cough up mucus and at least you breathe or feel a little better.

Are smoker’s breathing patterns the same when they are smoking as when they are just breathing during the day? Some smokers only take 3 or 4 drags off a cigarette and it’s done, while others get 10 or 12 puffs like it’s a ritual. Who’s getting more bang for their buck? Does it matter how long you hold the smoke in, or how big of puffs you take? If so, why is this something that’s worth thinking about if you’re trying to quit?

Many smokers say that cigarettes give them a certain "edge" to their thinking when dealing with stressful situations. What happens when they build up an immunity to the nicotine, do they have to smoke more often, or find stronger cigarettes to still get that feeling? Are some cigarettes stronger than others? How do you know?


Learn to despise cigarettes

How can you learn to hate something that you like right now? Knowledge is king, and it’s something noone can take away from you. This class is like a fast track college degree on smoking. My two years of research on this topic have been condensed and refined to make sense to every smoker, no matter how long you’ve been smoking and no matter what reasons you have for starting or wanting to stop. The only way to make sense of what is happening to you is to know what’s going on behind closed doors to keep you addicted. My hands on demonstration is like no other, and you will learn what’s really in a cigarette, and you will learn to despise cigarettes, and never light up again! In 90 minutes, you will have the tools and the drive to quit, and then it’s up to you to stick to your guns. Nobody can make you stop but you, but the hardest thing to do is to have a goal you want to accomplish, but be missing the key steps necessary to get there.

You can make up your mind your going to climb a mountain, and you can have all the drive and motivation in the world to do it, but without the right tools, and without the right knowledge of what you’re dealing with, you have a slim chance of accomplishing your goal. This class arms you for success. This class is not a gimmick, or a vial of pills, or some packs of gum, or a box of patches.

This class is the end of your habit!

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