Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's time to investigate cancer so you never get it, or so you can beat it if you have it now!


Is your artificial, chemical sweetener mutating your cells? Is your synthetic food warping your DNA? Are you cutting some calories by drinking chemicals that cause cancer? Cancer victims on chemotherapy lose alot of weight because they have no appetite at all. Is that where this is heading? One in three people get cancer. Only half survive. Do you know someone who has cancer right now? Do you have it? Have you lost a loved one to cancer?

It's time to investigate!

Convenience, when it comes toxic food, has an ultimate price, and that price is the nightmare of bad health.

Why would you ever eat anything that is made in a laboratory? Don't do it. Don't be a statistic, you are smarter than that and you deserve an organic life.

My science project has one goal and that is to save millions of people from cancer. Don't eat cancer. Don't drink it and don't put it on your skin. Let's take a journey together and solve this preventable epidemic.






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