Monday, June 2, 2014

2 more states ban the usage of GMO!

According to Natural News, Jackson County and Josephine County will soon be free of GMO growers, as both counties have voted in favor of the ban. Josephine voted at 57% in favor, and Jackson at 68% in favor.

“Regrettably, ideology defeated sound science and common sense in Jackson County,” Barry Bushue, president of the Oregon Farm Bureau, said in a statement. “We respect the voice of the voters, but remain convinced Measure 15-119 is bad public policy. While this election is over, this debate is not. We will continue to fight to protect the rights of all farmers to choose for themselves how they farm.”

Although these towns are small, they’ve generated  a great deal of hype around the GMO issue, as pro GMO campaigns raised nearly $1 million in an attempt to sway voters in favor of keeping GMOs around.

“The voters here have many generations of fruit and vegetable growing, so they’re among the most educated voters,” said Chuck Burr, president of the Southern Oregon Seed Growers Association. “The opposition spent a million dollars and couldn’t convince the people.”

The unfortunate aspect to this story is that Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber previously signed a bill last fall that prohibits local governments from regulating GM crops on their own. This means that it’s ultimately up to the state. Luckily in the case of Jackson, their measure had already qualified for the ballot, so an exception had to be made. In the case of Josephine County, they went ahead with the ballot regardless of the bill and will now let the courts decide whether their ban will go through.

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The FDA allows 3,000+ additives to be used in the US food supply. Reading labels is a good place to start for avoiding dangerous additives, but this can be confusing. Not all additives are unhealthy. You will find everyday items on the list like salt, vitamin C and acetic acid (vinegar). You’ll also find long-winded names like Eleutherococcus senticosus, which may sound suspicious, but is actually the healthy herb ginseng.

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