Monday, June 9, 2014

A "red-tagged" cash bribe: 500 million salmonella contaminated eggs in Iowa cost farmer $6.8 million four years later


What happens when you run CAFOs - confined animal feeding operations? You reap what you sow. After years of battling bacterial outbreaks in the barns, and viral infections from digestive infections, animals that eat GMO feed breed bad meat, and bad milk, and the confined quarters breed fines, even if they take 4 years to show up.


"Quality Egg acknowledged that, on at least two occasions in 2010, Tony Wasmund or another employee gave a cash bribe to a U.S. Department of Agriculture inspector to allow tainted eggs to be sold. The eggs had been "red tagged" for failing to meet minimum USDA quality grade standards."


Who else is bribing USDA inspectors to sell salmonella eggs - to the tune of 500 million of them? Who still serves up conventional eggs, besides every popular  restaurant and fast food joint in the whole nation? Who's eating hormones, antibiotics, and salmonella? What else is in YOUR omelet? Cheese and margarine? Hydrogenated GMO cottonseed, canola, and soy oils? Find out more why you should be eating 100 percent organic food and locally grown or self-grown food (the best kind)!


There are alot of liars out there, some work for the FDA and the USDA. They push through food that should never have been eaten. They create laws and legilation that poisons conventional food. Make some informed decisions and read this article:


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