Monday, June 23, 2014

MERS is becoming a global concern – adequate measures should be take immediately!

According to Natural News, the MERS outbreak sweeping through Saudi Arabia and Egypt has accelerated yet again with 26 new confirmed cases. Infections have exploded by 73 percent in just one month, reports Reuters.

What really has virologists alarmed, however, is the 30% death rate currently being observed. As Reuters reports:

Saudi Arabia, where MERS was discovered around two years ago and which remains the country most affected, has now had 339 confirmed cases of MERS, of which 102 have been fatal.

MERS stands for “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome,” and it has no known treatments or cures in the entire world of western medicine. There are no antibiotics, no vaccines, no medications and no medical interventions practiced by conventional medicine which have any ability to reverse a MERS infection.

A 30% fatality rate is considered extremely alarming in the world of infectious disease. Influenza typically kills less than 1 in 1,000 people infected, but MERS is so far killing 3 out of 10.

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MERS also appears to be highly infectious and easily able to spread among the population. A highly infectious virus that spreads from person to person without requiring direct contact – i.e., an "airborne" infection -- is considered extremely dangerous because of its ability to multiply extremely rapidly. This trait, when combined with a long incubation period, turns individuals into disease-spreading carriers.

The worst-case profile of a pandemic disease, in fact, is as follows:

• Extremely contagious (easily caught by others)

• Long duration, asymptomatic incubation period

• Resistant or immune to all known medical treatments

• When symptoms appear, they help spread the disease (sneezing, for example)

• High enough fatality rate to kill lots of people, but low enough to keep many carriers alive and spreading the disease

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