Thursday, July 3, 2014

A well-known fable called a "White -House Press Conference"

Mike Adams, Editor in Chief of Natural writes:

Is this the America that once declared its independence from tyranny rule? Far from it. While too many citizens slumbered in comfort and apathy, devious, dark forces slithered into positions of corporate, government and media power. They now own the nation and run the theater... and upon the world stage they have created, they play out fables called "The News" or a "White House press conference."

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A well-known fable called a "White House Press Conference"


It's sometime between 5pm and 6:30pm in America, and at least millions of dumb Americans sit in front of their televisions to get "The News". Now don't think I hate Amerika because I criticize the foolish masses, I actually want to help them.


Whether it's CNN, FOX or your local BS station, the news on TV is scripted, and it changes as the script is rewritten, and rewritten, and sometimes the news you watch is totally different than 30 minutes earlier, as the US Government and Corporations demand what they demand from all TV, respect your sponsor!


And who are those "sponsors?" The people in charge of whether all the TV "bots" should know about certain news, so they WON'T panic and stop buying useless crap and toxic food and toxic medicine. It's all a vicious cycle, and the news spews what feeds it. Period. If someone videotapes someone killing a human, but the Government and Corporations don't want you to see it, then it's banned from the news,, or called a hoax, or banned from social media, or all of the above. This is called the news. You see stories change and you see actors lie about coverage, like Wolf and Anderson. They have to say what's on the teleprompter in front of them or they will be fired, like Lou Dobbs or Katie Couric.


When the White House has something to say, that is even better scripted, because they've had time to plan, re-plan, carry out in secret, edit and re-edit, and then talk. It's reaction based on reaction. They think, how will this make me money or hurt my money. How do the sick dumb Americans view this? Let's give it an angle, a hook, some photos that make them emotional, then release them to go to Kmart and buy crap they don't need, like GMO food and aspirin. Also grab some toxic sunblock for that global warming! But don't panic about Fukushima, nuclear power plants in USA eroding, oil spills, fracking, or the fake wars that make politicians money who RUN them.


A White House Press Conference answers every question with a lie. Mostly, the news reported by the White House is exactly the OPPOSITE of reality. If we say we want to avoid war, that means we WANT war. If we say we're trying to end war, that means we want to expand the ongoing war, and maybe start a new one. When Bush said he was trying to rebuild Iraq, Dick Cheney was making billions off Haliburton sitting there doing nothing. When Obama said he was pulling out of Iraq, he was doubling down on Afghanistan. The war in Iraq is about much more than helping people, it's about hurting people in the name of money. We ARE the tyranny we call peace. When the news says NOTHING of psych meds being the main cause of all mass shootings in America, they are actually making a statement about how Big Pharma runs America. When Obama said he wanted to label GMO, he meant he would be IN BED with Biotech and Monsanto, from the FDA being run by them to the USDA. America is being fed poison, literally and figuratively. Turn off the television unless you're watching one of your favorite movies about how the government lies.


Have you seen "Sicko"?


Have you seen Forks Over Knives?


Have you watched Fahrenheit 9/11?


What about "Loose Change"?


Get with the program and know what is real. It means the world to you. You want to be healthy and live long and prosper? Eat organic food only. You want to be smart and courageous and stand up for what you believe in? Learn your rights and protect them. Get Natural News daily and pay attention to everything you eat, drink and put on your skin.


Be the healthiest person you know, and get your news from reliable alternative sources.


* The Tenth Amendment Center, which stands for human liberty and justice for all

* The amazing new alternative news aggregation website "The Liberty Mill"

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