Wednesday, September 10, 2014

End the nightmare, quit smoking and stop eating cancer food!

Shocking new research reveals that a GM corn approved in Europe for use in food and (animal) feed, and Roundup (weed killer) used with it, can cause increased tumors, premature death and organ damage at levels previously claimed by EU regulatory authorities to be perfectly safe. This information was not made public. Want to get in the high occupancy lane for cancer and drive really fast? It's dangerous. Don't mess with your health. Don't flirt with disaster.

Don't eat cancer. Don't drink it and don't smoke it! The carcinogens can only win the battle if you feed them their necessary fuel -- more carcinogens. Try to NEVER drink soda or diet soda or eat GMOs. If you smoke, you can quit starting today using the natural method called 14AndOut, recommended by Health Ranger Mike Adams. Here's a sneak peek at the trailer for the 60-minute course:

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Cancer's HOV lane is eating GMO!

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