Friday, September 19, 2014

The ultimate secret to quitting smoking - daily sauna, salt water bath and organic supplements!


The smoker's convention is quite popular. You've been there, outside of the office or the house at parties, where the smokers gather and pull back (inhale) some nicotine smoke or even vapors, whatever "does the trick." Are you one of them? Hanging out with a smoke and "shooting the breeze" so to speak. What if you really could quit? How would you? When? How many times since you began smoking did you say or think to yourself you were going to quit smoking? Try to add it up in your head now. Stopping smoking is much easier said than done, just ask the other smokers. Western medicine isn't much help. They run scary ads on TV and publish photos of smokers with holes in their necks or missing fingertips and toes. That's because, for some smokers, their hearts can't circulate the blood to their extremities. But the scary ads and pictures rarely scare smokers from their perch (freebased nicotine), and so the smoker's convention and addiction continues, though it doesn't have to be that way. (


What if you took the whole "smoker's convention" to another level, and it meant detoxifying in a salt water hot tub while infusing organic nutrients into the system, that same system that is SCREAMING FOR NUTRITION replenishment? Think about it; a few smokers getting to together to become non-smokers for life by sweating out the poisons, ending the poison influx, and pouring in the vitamins and minerals the heart and brain desire so much! There's a conversation you won't want to miss - the one about permanently regaining your health. Stop smoking permanently and regain your health. Here's how ... (


Salt Water Soaking for Detoxification

A salt water Jacuzzi or tub is key - here's why - less or no chemicals! The last thing your body needs when it's deprived of nutrients is chlorine filled water all over it, soaking in and depleting more nutrients. The right salts contain all the minerals the body needs and wants daily to function at optimum performance levels. Even just Epsom salt baths or putting some Dead Sea salts in your tub can be a huge health benefit. Your body will soak the minerals right in!

Daily Sauna Rids the Body of Toxins!

You've heard all about saunas, but do you use them daily? Here's what to do:

Step One: Join a gym/recreation center/YMCA that has a sauna.

Step Two: Go to the sauna and sit daily and meditate. Bring your own music if needed for solitude and peace of mind. Maybe put some classical music on your ipod.

Step Three: Exercise, if even for just 10 minutes a day.

Dry heat and infrared saunas confer numerous health benefits. Just 10 to 15 minutes can work up a vigorous sweat and remove toxins and help other cardiovascular conditions. This actually cools you down and rids the body of waste products via the apocrine and eccrine glands, of which there are more than two million scattered all over the body. You can rid the body of traces of stored toxins, like pesticides, drugs, solvents and dioxins. This is vital to quitting smoking for good! This sweating mobilizes toxins stored in the fat and enhances their elimination. That's why smokers and drinkers often reek of nicotine and alcohol - it literally pours out of their skin in sweat.


Breaking Bad Habits Can Be Fun!

Do you smoke when you're tired, angry, upset, or when you first wake up and after meals? These are just mental associations you can break. Write down how you feel before and after smoking and chart it for one week and see how many "cigs" you smoked with each situation.

Nutrition Replenishment System

Ask a Naturopathic Physician for advice on nutrition. They may suggest ramping up your vitamin C intake, some glutathione and some niacin. Go for a quick jog each morning and raise your pulse rate a little to stimulate circulation and nutrient uptake. Drink plenty of spring water that does not contain fluoride! Never drink tap water. Vitamin C supports adrenal glands to help you cope with stress. Check into organic trace minerals like chromium that helps keep blood sugar levels stable and helps your circulation which has been restricted severely by nicotine. Quit smoking - change your life. There is no better time than right now to quit smoking naturally and get back to your healthy self, forever. The best part is that you can laugh hard without coughing when you quit smoking! Check out the Natural Method 14 & Out and be free of the chains of nicotine. (










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