Tuesday, October 7, 2014

considering how America handles war, disease and disaster ...

Lack of common sense or just careless profits? - This is the burning question when it comes to considering how America handles war, disease and disaster


Did you know it's "counterproductive" to have millions of people dying from Ebola? You wouldn't know it if you visit the airports with their arriving flights from Ebola stricken African countries!


Did you know it's easier to fly into America with Ebola than it is to get your pet checked through customs? Dogs can be denied if they just "look sick." Do you have a headache? Maybe you have a slight fever! Did you sneeze or vomit today?


When the flu comes to schools and the throwing up viruses from the GMO food and the E-coli, will all the parents think their kids have Ebola? Are Nazi-style mass force-vaccinations to follow? Will they JAB you with some Ebola patent in the arm when they have you in jail or quarantine? You bet your last useless vote they will, Democrats and Republicans alike.




America got a taste of martial law after the bombing occurred at the Boston Marathon, when the FEDs were "chasing" the "suspect" through a suburban neighborhood, looking alot like a North Korean military arms-flexing parade!


Check it out: Your Constitution has been ripped to shreds:


Can the DHS, along with FEMA and the RED CROSS show up at your home today, or your office at work, pull you out because you're sneezing or "look sick" and quarantine you WHEREVER THEY WANT TO? Oh really? Yes, Obama could wave his arm and they would come, just like in the movie "Minority Report" where there was Pre-Crime thought that got you into prison. This is the Pre-Disease land where the President can't be impeached because there are too many crooks at the top getting exactly what they want - money, power, and ruthless control.


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