Monday, October 27, 2014

Staged opposition to Ebola quarantine in New York now uncovered by Obama Administrations next "play" to spread pandemic


Why in the heck would our government (USA) want Ebola to spread? That's exactly what it seems like is going on, if you look at the facts closely on how the CDC, NIH and Obama are acting and reacting to recent outbreaks of Ebola in Dallas and New York.


Removing quarantines put in place by the State is not the proper authority of the Government anyway. Since when does our Government overpower the State's rights to protect their citizens??


People are running blind, expecting their government to STEP UP and protect the people, with proper border security, banning flights coming from the infected Nations and quarantining people suspected of having the deadly virus, in a safe respectful manner that protects EVERYONE'S rights and health freedom.


Plus, it's not an "economic" concern about this, it's strictly national safety! What is going on with our Nation's security. The masses need to STEP UP and impeach these fools who fail to protect the people from the most deadly virus we may have ever known, or will know. Read this and the final report on pandemic preparedness - we are blessed to have the Health Ranger looking out for our well-being:


Here's the full report on Natural


"This took place less than 48 hours after a CDC-connected operative with a dual background of nurse and public relations specialist was planted in a New Jersey quarantine facility so that she could take to the air in a widely-publicized complaint claiming the 21-day quarantine was violating her civil rights. Natural News has now confirmed the mainstream media largely failed to mention the nurse's ties to the CDC and additional efforts were made over the weekend to scrub the nurse's page which previously disclosed those ties. (The truth is now being memory-holed...)"

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