Thursday, October 16, 2014

Steps on how to prepare yourself for the Ebola pandemic outbreak!


According to Natural News, Mike Adams (the man behind this website) has come up with a free online audio course that shares lifesaving pandemic preparedness secrets. The online audio course will reveal, for example, the exact names of the most potent antiviral herbs known in the world, many of which you can grow yourself or easily acquire online. Given that numerous viral pandemics, which have absolutely no vaccines, no antibiotics and no mainstream medical solutions available, are now spreading, these alternative solutions are absolutely crucial for the public to learn and remember.

Everybody needs a pandemic preparedness plan that doesn't wholly depend on vaccines and the government to save them! The purpose of this course is to empower individuals all around the world with lifesaving wisdom that they'll never get from official sources.

Visit right now to start listening. No registration is required, and the entire multi-part course is released free of charge.

For more information, log onto:

Episode one covers the truth of why official information from the CDC may get you killed in a severe pandemic. You'll also learn:

* Why modern medicine is clueless if they don't have a vaccine

* Why the medical industry refuses to recommend nutritional therapies and natural medicines

* If there is an Ebola outbreak, why the hospital is the most dangerous place to go

* How you can be infected by touching a contaminated surface

* Why the media will lie to you about pandemics

* Why an Ebola vaccine may be completely worthless even if it exists

* The outright abandonment of medical ethics by government and medical institutions

* The ability of pandemic viruses to adapt and evolve is far faster than the ability of vaccine makers to manufacture vaccines

* Why you already have a genetic blueprint for survival

* How to activate your genetic "miracle" that will keep you alive

* We are all living in an immunosuppressive environment

* Why, if you want to live, you need to have a plan that doesn't rely on the vaccine industry

* Why Mike is driven by compassion for humanity and the drive to save lives

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about the threat from Ebola and how to prepare for the pandemic outbreak, one can easily log onto:


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