Saturday, December 6, 2014

CDC Quacks Say to "Get Flu Shot Anyway" - Even Though It Doesn't Work ... Do You Like Mercury and Aluminum in Your Brain?

Autism and Alzheimer's - say that three times real fast without messing up. That's the test to see if you need another flu shot. If you go into anaphylactic shock, ask your doctor if that's "right for you" when you wake up, if you wake up. Have you seen the warnings on the flu shot vial and box insert? NO? That's because the nurses don't show it to you, and most of them have never read it themselves. There haven't even been any tests run to see if flu shots are safe for humans OR if they even work. They tell you on the insert it probably won't work. They don't warn pregnant women. It's a big guess in the dark between about a dozen flu viruses anyway, depending on your region of the country, and it's a bunch of carcinogens bypassing your digestion and your breathing filters (your lungs). Flu shots are injected directly into muscle tissue and cause an unnatural immune system hyper-reaction and some people die FROM GETTING THE FLU SHOT within 48 hours, like the dozen in Italy this month.


Read the Natural News full report:

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