Monday, December 22, 2014

Eating food and drinking water during the Big USA "Crash" of 2015/2016 - Obama won't be coming to "save you"


What is "Riotsville" USA?? The Health Ranger says it could be on its way soon, and if you live anywhere near a metropolitan size city you won't like it a bit, in fact, it could be your demise. If you've watched the news lately and seen scenes of protests that quickly escalate into police brutality (unwarranted) and then to riots, you know what a riot looks like. It will be much worse when the "rioters" outnumber the police, like ten or twenty to one. That's when most US cities become war zones, with DHS, the Dept. of Homeland Security, saddling up with all their armor suits, armor tanks and hollow point bullets. That's when the DHS puts to work their thousands of machine guns they bought a couple years ago, to use on the public who aren't getting fed by their Big "daddy" government.


Riotsville USA can arrive overnight too. All it would take is a huge stock market "cliff", or a nuclear plant meltdown like Fukushima only here, or a mass deflation by and sell off of bonds, or a mass grid failure, or a staged event by the circle of power in Washington DC, where politicians are always plotting and scheming, plotting and scheming. Consider these areas of dire importance in US that, if one of them falls to pieces, you will want to have a way to feed your family, because the shelves at all the stores will certainly be EMPTY IN 48 HOURS or less:


1) FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS: Financial transactions with banks are necessary to process payments for received goods and transportation fees. If the transactions can't go through, deliveries can't be made.

2) FUEL SUPPLIES: If fuel isn't readily available, the trucks don't roll. And fuel supplies depend on the functioning of oil refineries which, of course, run on electricity from the power grid.

3) POWER GRID: Without the power grid online and functioning, trucking companies can't function because they're all run by computer. Stores also can't stay open to receive goods because they can't log in the received inventory via computer.

4) SOCIAL STABILITY: Trucks can't deliver groceries to stores that are on fire or stranded in the middle of Riotsville
USA. No trucker will risk his life just to deliver another thousand boxes of Cheese Nips for 48 cents a mile.

All it takes is any one of these crashing down to result in grocery store shelves being stripped bare in mere hours.

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