Monday, December 29, 2014

Prepare your own food even if the Big USA crashes!

According to Natural News, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has come up with an invention that will allow anyone to:

• Grow food at remarkably little expense

• Produce over 200% more food in the same space compared to square foot soil gardening.

• Grow food with over 500% higher mineral nutrition than store-bought foods.

• Produce your own high-potency natural medicines including anti-cancer medicine, right at home, for virtually free.

• Create your own high-potency plant-based mineral supplements which can be easily dried and stored for later use in capsules or powders.

• Grow high-calorie-producing ROOT vegetables, including potatoes, carrots and beets, using variations of this system.

• REMOVE all toxic heavy metals from your water source. One of the top innovations in this system is a 3D printable device that removes heavy metals from water.

• The system requires NO electricity. There are NO power cords. There are NO pumps. One of the Health Ranger's design requirements was that this system would work in a third-world country or following an EMP attack that destroyed the power grid.

• As a result, the entire system is 100% EMP-proof and will continue to operate even following a power grid failure or an outbreak of war. Yes, the enemy can cut off your power, but they can't stop your food supply if you're using this system.

• The entire system is being released open source under a license similar to Creative Commons, where you are free to use the 3D printable files as long as you provide attribution to the original inventor (the Health Ranger).

• There are some parts required for the system which cannot be 3D printed. You will have to acquire those through other means. For example, the two most important parts you need to source are: 1) Paper clips. 2) Pencil erasers. (The common erasers on the ends of wooden pencils, which are almost exactly 6.7mm in diameter)

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about how to create your own food during the economic crash, one can easily log onto:



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