Monday, February 9, 2015

Top 3 Natural News Blog Sites have ONE THING in common for sure - they expose chemicals in food that cause CANCER - so thank you!



Featured on the home page of Natural News, if you scroll down to the bottom, you will see three pictures with links to ongoing coverage and conversations about what's hot in the news, what's not, and who's blowing the whistle on the "bad guys." You have a choice everyday, and ALL THE POWER IN THE WORLD, to control your health, safety, wealth and happiness. You choose what to buy and that includes what you eat, drink, and put on your skin. You control what news you want your brain to process, whether real or fake, positive or negative, or none. But living in the dark is scary. There is health detriment all around us, especially in the grand ole USA. Most conventional food is now GMO. Most drinking water is contaminated with insecticide all the dentists call fluoride. It's not good for your teeth. They LIED.


However, go walk into any super gym and you will find health enthusiasts working out, drinking green drinks, and talking about vegetarian and vegan ways of living. This is sustainable. These people can live to be 100 and still have all their health, without medications, brittle bones, or memory loss. These are the health enthusiasts who share information with the "herd" - the good herd. Their are 7,000,000 unique visitors to Natural News every month. Are you one of them? Maybe this is the secret to longevity - organic food and organic information. Current events let you know which companies sell you organic products and which ones do not, or do not ANYMORE, but used to. There are more than a few of those.


Check the chart:


Cancer attacks one in three Americans and kills half of those. You can avoid it all with cancer prevention techniques shared on Natural News Blogs. The blogs really sum up the news and provide you with all the relevant links to make finding great information easy and right at your fingertips. So follow these blogs or choose your favorite one. It's a path to YOUR OWN health success and that of your family, friends, and anyone else you share information with in 2015 and beyond!


Now, check out the increasingly popular blogs that support Natural Health News and the most current information on organic living and longevity:






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