Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh no! Bill Nye sells his soul to the devil (Monsanto) and declares his "love" for GMO - what a shill ...

Bill Nye sells his soul to the devil and says he's "in love" with GMO - another familiar science face joins Monsanto.

Hey kids, turn on your TV it's Bill Nye the science guy talking about how good it is for your health to eat bug-killer and weed-killer food! Yay! That weird and creepy old dude that makes all those funny faces and who tells us how all things in nature are inner-connected is now saying we can insert the genes of pesticides into seeds and it's all still just wonderful butterflies and flowers, except these flowers will be growing on our early graves, if we all eat cancer food daily. He leaves that part out, but Bill Nye is declaring publicly his LOVE for GMO, because he visited the Monsanto headquarters and the scientists (filthy rich vice presidents and lobbyists) showed him how ag-science (cancer industrial complex) is so great for the world's food supply (Frankenfood for zombies) and how GMO is sustainable (all the world's patented seeds are "sustained" inside Monsanto volts).


Hey kids, look, it's Bill Nye the Corporate Science Fraud Guy! He's a trickster clown now spieling off propaganda because Monsanto gave him a tour of the Franken-factory where they mutate seeds so kids are born with birth defects, like the fish and rats that eat it in independent lab tests not done by Monsanto.

Hey kids, learn your "science" fiction ...

Wow, isn't that the "Science Guy" who used to say question GMO because it could screw up entire eco-systems? So fast how money changes people. Let's audit Bill Nye and see if he now owns some small island off Guam or maybe just some new high-end stock with New York Life and McDonalds. It's hard to tell, but one thing's for sure, when Bill Nye's new book comes out with it's newly revised chapter on GMO, you can bet the school system's will have a copy of the video of the animated science fraud-shill in his white lab coat, juggling bowling pins with his microscope, all while he mixes facts with "science" fiction.


As reported on Natural News:


Many of today's young adults grew up watching him on public access television. But Bill Nye "the Science Guy" has taken an unfortunate turn for the worse as it pertains to his position on genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), degenerating rather suddenly from an honest position of concern about their impacts on the ecosystem to open acceptance of this disproven technology.

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