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Evil Biotech Seed Monopoly attempts to merge with titan Syngenta ... Will there be a GMO FOOD HOLOCAUST run by Monsanto?

Year and years of bad food and bad medicine are killing millions in America - - We create the epidemics of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, strokes, heart disease - - all while we eat more chemicals. It all started with processed foods after WWII, which were basically void of nutrition. That's when food scientists began using synthetic food additives and preservatives to give food longer shelf life, but it was shortening human life. Those synthetic food chemicals kill mold, fungus and bacteria that breeds in food as it ages, but it also kills human cells, and all the science to prove it was subverted for decades and decades.

Then came the 1980's, when BIOTECH was really born, and scientists were mad at work discovering ways to put bug and weed-killing genes in the crop seeds, and cancer and Alzheimer's statistics began going through the roof, but the CDC and FDA would cover all that up, as revealed in the new book "Altered Genes, Twisted Truth."

These BIOTECH scientists, some of whom might even believe they're helping make more food (because they've been brainwashed by their employer or the money or both), - these scientists are creating deadly food - food that can kill you inside of ten years. Not only does genetically modified food destroy your immunity, it can wreck the central nervous system, cause confusion in the brain and throw your hormones so out of whack that your whole body suffers, daily, until it breaks down and you die like a lab rat.
Today, there are six major players in the biotech industry, and they are Monsanto, BASF SE, Bayer AG, Dow Chemical, Dupont "Crop Protection" and Syngenta.

They'll insert their chemicals into the seeds of just about anything that sells well, and they'll spray their chemicals on those crops that grow immune to those same chemicals, and those food items will be marketed and sold as "the same" as the rest of the food out there, but the difference is so extreme it will blow you away. Crop "protection" can include genetically modified seeds and pesticides, fungicides and herbicides that contain dangerous carcinogens listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as destructive to human cells. From cereals to citrus, corn and cotton, and from nuts and vines, everything conventional gets sprayed with chemicals. America's precious "whole grains" get sprayed just before they're cut down and moved into silos because it helps dry them out. Humans are eating weed killer and wondering why their multi-grain foods are causing them inflammation, irritable bowels and making it easier for them to catch the flu, colds and viruses.

Biotech is brewing pesticide in the seeds of food and saying they are helping the world. Big, big lie. From rice and peanuts to soybeans, toxins are sprayed on our food and not identified as such, because the USA does not require this insidious method of growing food to be dangerous, since all the science that says it's not comes from the manufacturers who make billions by lying. From potatoes to tobacco, biotech is spraying anything humans ingest on a daily basis, so they can drive us all right to the hospital, where biotech also INVESTS their money, knowing if you eat their toxic food that's where you'll end up, sooner or later, wasting your life's savings on chronic sick care that only treats symptoms and then offers chemotherapy, surgery and radiation as some sick choice for treating pesticide syndrome. Biotech will tell you that farming today is more complex than ever. They'll blame the unpredictability of the weather and more pests and weeds than ever before. They'll speak of scarcity of natural resources, but they're the ones making them scarce! They'll try to scare you into doing business with them, or buying into their scam, by showing you statistics about the 9 billion people roaming the planet, looking for food.

Biotech uses catchy lingo like "creating innovative solutions" for growers. They'll talk about a hungry planet. They even have the gall to use the word sustainability, while they lie through their teeth and say they can increase farmer's yields. This has been proven false time and time again, as farmers are fighting off GM and created Superweeds and Superbugs that have outsmarted Biotech Chemical Agriculture and are now immune to those poisons that Biotech is inserting in American crop. So now what? They just keep lying to the public and the regulatory agencies are all paid off. Most board members and vice presidents are also FDA czars and rich bureaucrats who bump elbows at technology conventions and exchange millions in gifts for favors and insider trading tips. This also dictates the legislation to support growing dangerous pesticide-laden crops without regulation and without supervision or inspections, ever. Biotech holds conventions to lie about innovation, resistance stress factors, heat and drought. Their scientists and spokespeople (convicted felons, shills and charlatans) offer a wide range of advice for helping the world get cancer, but it sounds like they're trying to feed some starving world. Meanwhile, behind closed doors, they're cutting deals with each other and also willing to "cut each other's throats" to get money, big money. Here's a prime example.


Syngenta rejects Monsanto's $45 billion takeover offer, but who's next to get it, Dupont, Dow, BASF or Bayer Crop Science?

Swiss company Syngenta AG, the world's biggest manufacturer of "agrochemicals" said NO to a takeover offer made by their US rival Monsanto Co. (the largest controller of seeds) and blamed execution risks as the main reason why. Offering nearly half the deal in CASH, Monsanto is not out of the game yet. Syngenta has said they're still open to further talks. The Swiss company's shares surged in value of course, nearly 20% (according to report), which is the most in the last 14 years.

Monsanto, trying to be a bit sneaky (imagine that), offered the deal while Syngenta was on their heels a little, with performance woes and lower crop prices. The merger, if it happens, would make a new BIOTECH GIANT that would be the largest "player" in seeds and crop chemicals. Monsanto and Syngenta did have preliminary talks of this merger last year, but there are still antitrust issues of concern, and the location of the headquarters. Currently, Monsanto is based out of St. Louis, MO.

If this merger does happen it will be the BIGGEST acquisition ever of a U.S. rival company/corporation buying off a European company. Only Big Pharma companies like Pfizer and AstraZeneca can cut bigger deals than this, but haven't yet.

Syngenta's chairman Demare said the offer by Monsanto is not good enough. He said it would put them under public scrutiny in many countries. To skirt antitrust issues, Monsanto would include sale of "portions" of the combined business - and one of the players in THAT GAME of acquiring assets is none other than Bayer. In case you don't know, Bayer is the company that existed before WWII, and the US hired Nazi scientists who helped Hitler "extinguish" millions of Jews with fluoride-laced water and Zyklon-B gas. These scientists, convicted of mass murder at the Neuremberg trails, got out of jail after just 4 to 7 years and went BACK TO WORK for Bayer making chemical-food for Americans, and chemical medicine to treat the symptoms of pesticide food syndrome, also known as cancer and Alzheimer's.

Monsanto's seed industry monopoly has been an antitrust issue on federal and state levels for years. They've been the subject of many antitrust probes. The U.S. Dept. of Justice doesn't do a thing about it though, so all that US states have had to end their investigations.

The Monster "MONGENTA" Aims to Destroy All Nutrients in US Crops

Even if the Monsanto - Syngenta monster merger never happens, others probably will. These big names were once all "one piece" anyway, back in WWII, and they were called I.G. Farben, which is short for a much longer German name. This was Hitler's pharmaceutical GIANT that worked hand in hand with his military to take over new countries and confiscate every medicine on the shelves, to be replaced with his scientist's concoctions. Without Hitler's IG Farben conglomerate help, many historians say that Hitler would not have been able to accomplish what he did or get as powerful as he did. This is what amazed American politicians and so that is why you see the power of Big Pharma and Biotech in the US today.

Now thanks to the EPA, FDA and CDC, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. idiot Bush and Obama, fraud and complete deregulation of the food industry safety standards is just the norm, and these chemical food makers and chemical drug makers need only one thing to keep doing business as usual with the US Government, and that is MONEY.

If small and mid-sized farmer's don't stop "selling out" to Monsanto and the like, there will be a food holocaust. This means that 99% of food in America will cause cancer and dementia, and in a shorter period of time. More altered and mutated genes will be passed on and ARE being passed on now to people's offspring, with deformations, inability to reproduce, mental challenges and severe central nervous system disorders. If small and mid-sized farmers keep selling their seeds to Monsanto and signing contracts to use only their toxic seeds and toxic herbicides, the soil will ALL be dead, and if the soils contain no nutrients, guess what else contains no nutrients? The food that grows in it.

Protect local farmers by shopping at farmers markets and buying local produce. Ask questions and make sure they aren't using chemical pesticides. This is key to your future, your family, your community, your city, state, country and the world. We can all step up to the plate and monitor everything we purchase, so there won't ever be a food holocaust. And now, without further adieu, here are the top ten reasons, as it looks now, that we're heading for trouble for the majority of the "sheeple" who aren't educated and making informed consumer choices ...


Top ten reasons we're heading for a food holocaust in America ... We heavily promote all of the following toxic ways of living, eating and medicating:  

1. FLUORIDE-BASED insecticide in TAP WATER causes brittle bones and cancer - it's what Hitler gave to the Jews in the concentration camps to keep them weak


2. GMO is food that is genetically modified to contain pesticides, including toxic herbicides and insecticides


3. MSG - MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE, is a concentrated, lab-made central nervous system disruptor


4. VACCINES and FLU SHOTS react violently with the central nervous system, the immune system and the brain because they still contain highly toxic mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum


5. Conventional GLUTEN is toxic "food glue" that sticks in your gut, destroys your good bacteria and is found in almost all bread, pasta, tortilla, cakes, bagels, muffins, cookies, soft pretzels, cereals and of course, donuts.


6. ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS like Aspartame, Sucralose and Sorbitol are synthetic and cause cell mutation, uncontrolled free radicals, and cancer in humans


7. CHEMOTHERAPY was invented by Nazi scientists after they were released from prison for mass murder during WWII. No oncologist in the world is allowed to tell you this.


8. MDs know nothing about NUTRITION  - - and the prescription pharmaceuticals they are prescribing are nothing more than more chemicals that lead to cancer and more health detriment.


9. During the Holocaust, six million Jews died from being shot in the head, fed chemicals and/or gassed to death. Each year in America, one million and five hundred thousand people are diagnosed with cancer and half of those die from a disease caused by those SAME CHEMICALS they are being "medicated" with. Think about THAT for the rest of your life.


10. Most people have not yet read the "Hidden History of Organized Medicine" because mainstream media banned it.


There is a 75-year "CON" known as Western Medicine, but it's a hush-hush topic in the news and in newspapers and magazines. Although medical doctors and surgeons are experts at fixing broken bones or removing animal fat from clogged arteries, the "pharmaceutical nation" known as the USA is caving in on itself, but nobody is allowed to talk about it on TV, or they lose all their sponsors. There is also a world of medicine known as organic food, but some people want to cook it, fry it, boil it or broil it, or even worse, grill it out, and that LIVE food becomes DEAD food, useless to the body, which needs nutrients for immunity, cellular health, vitality and sustainability.   - S.D. Wells


Will all food lose its nutrient value and become worthless? We'll have to wait and see. The FDA and CDC are pushing forward for more food chaos.

Let's push harder with organic!




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