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GLYPHOSATE TOXICITY SHOW: Monsanto's top scientist goes on "The Doctors" to endorse toxic "Roundup" herbicide


A mother and twenty-year veteran scientist whose sole mission is to convince the world that toxic glyphosate is safe for humans to consume went on "The Doctors" show and finished "selling her soul" to satan (or a lifetime of bad karma). The woman, who's last name happens to be "Farmer" - - looked into the mass media cameras and swore up and down glyphosate is safe for human consumption, saying the new IARC legitimate and unbiased study revealing it's toxicity to humans is still bogus. This woman's job was on the line, and she probably got a HUGE bonus check the second she got back to the office and evil laboratory at Monsanto. Monsanto most likely threw a huge party (with organic food) to celebrate her lies, her deceit and her bold-faced, beady-eyed insidious performance on National TV. Travis Lane Stork, MD, an emergency physician and key star of "The Doctors" show did a good job of questioning Satan's orator (Farmer the mad scientist), and making her explain why she denounces the IARC (study), a WHO (World Health Organization) division of scientists that have "no skin in the game."

The genius Jeffrey Smith was also on the show via video feed. He ripped Monsanto's orator a new one. Smith knew he would only be allowed maybe a minute or two to speak on National television, so he basically got all the best information out in one super long sentence, before the producer of the show could even get a chance to cut him off. Miss MonSatan waited patiently for her turn to talk and just kept an evil grimmace on her face while Smith spoke about study after study revealing the risks of humans consuming glyphosate, including the dangers of endocrine disruptors and stripping the body of minerals and nutrients. Smith even gets his chance to tell the world that Roundup was created by the chemical industry and its simply a waste by-product of toxic herbicide. This was huge. Roundup happens to be the most infamous herbicide on the planet and is covering 90% of the staple crop in this country that humans eat daily, at every meal.

Donna Farmer, the toxicologist for Monsanto downplayed the clout of Jeffrey Smith and referred to him as just an "author," knowing he's far more than that. As the founding executive director for the Institute of Responsible Technology, Smith leads the way in providing the public with REAL SCIENCE and education about the health risks posed by GMO and especially glyphosate. He's been a tireless pioneer in exposing the truth about genetically modified food for what it is, a cancer on society, humans, animals and the environment.

You could tell by the look in the eyes of Monsatan's Farmer (20-year-glyphosate manufacturer) she knows exactly what she's selling America - - cancer food. Though she would NEVER drink Roundup - knowing what it is - she sold it to America by backing it so fervently and dogmatically on television. What better clone for Monsanto to choose to appear on TV than someone who must protect their job.  
Here's the clip of "The Doctor's" Episode on Glyphosate dangers:

And here's the biotech industry LASH OUT at Dr. Oz after he exposed glyphosate as the biggest cancer causing chemical on Earth:

Ask yourself, "What is GMO?"

Don't fall for Monsanto's lies about their toxic product being safe for humans. Too many reliable studies and tests with NO SKIN IN THE GAME have told us it's dangerous to consume. Start filtering these three TOP TOXINS in the world out of YOUR daily intake now and see how you feel in just days:


#1. GLYPHOSATE: Glyphosate is the most widely used pesticide in the world. The manufacturers claim low toxicity and "environmental friendliness." Glyphosate is applied as an herbicide BEFORE SEEDING (pre-emergent use) and AFTER GERMINATION (post-emergent use). This carcinogen acts non-selectively, killing a BROAD spectrum of grasses, perennials and even woody plants. In other words, there's no way any of this crop isn't COVERED in this Roundup Glyphosate chemical mixture and synthetic concoction that causes hormone disruption, mental confusion and cancer tumors in animals tested. Want concrete proof of that, check Seralini Roundup Study in your search engine. And you don't need a "peer review" to review the rats that die horrifically of cancer way before their lifespan was even at a third.

Glyphosate IS ABSORBED through the leaves and transported throughout the crop. Corn, soy, canola, "whole" grains, you name it. It doesn't have to be GMO to be LOADED with toxic Roundup and still give you cancer.

Monsanto Lies to Cover up Leukemia Cases in America

Glyphosate inhibits a metabolic pathway that plants, animals, insects and humans all MUST HAVE to form essential amino acids. IMAGINE THAT. I know you've heard plenty about how important amino acids are for health, so keep reading this most important section slowly and thoroughly. It was unfortunately introduced in the mid-1970s. Homeowners and industry alike have been lied to about glyphosate safety. Over and over we hear and see the lies, and even commercials on TV touting it's use. Now doctors, researchers, scientists, and reporters are all sharing the truth about this cancerous blight being dumped by the millions of gallons on the entire "green" universe. It's in the waters, the rivers and the bays, its in canals and aqueducts, infesting irrigation and even people home gardens. People are spraying glyphosate on the weeds around their home not even THINKING that this will get to the soil that's feeding the vegetables growing in the garden, and that's supposed to be the cleanest food you can get, if you buy organic seeds, organic soil and use non-fluoridated water always. You may also need to supplement with minerals. The Health Ranger has vast information on this:

Glyphosate is formulated with surfactants to spread the poison across the leaf, penetrate the leaf and "enhance the uptake" of glyphosate by the plant. You see, this is not just something that protects the plant from weeds or that just kills weeds. We are talking here about a class of carcinogenic sufactants, including rapeseed oil derivatives, which are highly toxic to humans. Use caution says the WHO!

Acute toxicities of glyphosate-based herbicides have been found to be irritating to the eyes and skin on test rabbits. For some of the tested rabbits, destruction of eye tissue took weeks to heal, thanks to simple exposure to glyphosate. Imagine what it does to the gut and the good gut flora required for immunity in humans? You see, this is the key to BAD health, destroying good bacteria in the gut. It's the cause of most autism, and that is why mercury and formaldehyde are allowed still today in all vaccines. It's a real money maker for politicians, globalists, market fanatics and lobbyists of all the Big American Corporations, whether toxic food or toxic medicine, it's all the same in their wallet.

RoundUp Toxicity Reported: For farm workers using Roundup, some report to have swelling eyes, rapid heartbeat and elevated blood pressure. Others report swelling of the face, eczema lasting two months.

Still, Monsanto shills will go on TV and say Roundup does not pose a health risk to humans because nobody can sue them for lying. There are backed by the FDA, the CDC, the USDA, the Supreme Court, the Vaccine Court and of course, the infamous AMA, starring Morris Fishbein ...

"What the American Medical Association hopes you never learn about its true history"
- click right here:

#2. SODIUM FLUORIDE: Ooooh, this is a big one. This one is as hard to talk about with friends and relatives as the vaccine debate. To speak of American water being polluted with stuff the Nazis used to weaken and kill Jews is edgy conversation, to say the least. At least half of the fluoride pushing doctors and dentists of the USA know something's amiss, but they definitely cannot say a word, ever. This most clever lie must be obediently repeated by all who work in the industry or else! "Fluoride is good for building strong teeth." That is why it goes unregulated in tap water where any person can drink any amount and be fine, even though sodium fluoride is NOT the fluoride that occurs in Nature. Oops. Even if the other kind of fluoride was good for your teeth, this is not the case in USA tap water. The city is lying. Your dentist and dental hygienist either don't know or are lying, and you NEED to know the truth now, if you don't already. SODIUM FLUORIDE is imported from chemical plants in China and is fluosilicic acid!

What cities call fluoride, says the Health Ranger Mike Adams, is a cocktail of deadly industrial chemicals and heavy metals, purchased IN BULK from China, where industrial processing plants are a dime a dozen. They just put the label "sodium fluoride" on the side of the barrels and ship it to the stupid Americans.

Folks, bottom line ... THERE IS NO SAFE LEVEL OF SODIUM FLUORIDE in anything you drink, eat or put on your skin. It's labeled by its manufacturers as "causing severe harm" to humans. The Chinese admit it.  

#3. BLEACH: Bleach is used to kill germs, bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold, insects, rats, humans, you name it. Yes, we lumped humans into that sentence on purpose. Everyone knows the healthcare in the USA is an abomination - on the allopathic side where Big Pharma kills you slowly while Big Food tortures you will dead, toxic corn, soy, canola and cottonseed. Who's to really say they're not growing GMO wheat in secret farm fields only run by corporate America and never sold to organic companies? Good question, huh? Back to bleach now.

Most red meat contains some bleach. The flavor and color is just added back in afterwards, with red dye and MSG. Don't think it's true? Read this report:

Most fast food, franchise and corporate run restaurants, schools and of course ALL prisons serve GMO everything. Think you're choices are limited? They're NOT. The system just wants you to believe that they are. Still wondering what you can do about it all?  

Create Change through Action! The Non-GMO Project was created for consumers who are concerned about potential health risks of products made using relatively new technology of genetic modification. You have a right to know what's in your food, including GMO. You can go on the Non-GMO Project Verified website and make a product verification request, find retailers that support the project, and even donate or help support the project yourself, or as a business. This is North America's first consensus-based STANDARD for GMO avoidance. The seal of NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED is only backed by independent, third party verification, not some corporation or manufacturer that has skin in the game. Do you have a store you might want to register? Check it out, either way. This is how you create change and not complain about it. This is how you do research and make a difference in your life and those around you that you love and care about.

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