Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Vaccines DAMAGE and compromise immunity - It's the complete opposite of what the whole allopathic world thinks

There are those people who think about things TOO MUCH, and then there are those people who can't even think at all because they've gotten too many vaccines. It's not a joke. There are also some people who get too many vaccines, and though they can still think a little, they can't think at all for themselves. There is not much gray area on that category of "thinkers." Now, if the "thinkers" try to  discuss certain topics with those who can't think for themselves, the same brainwashed "gunk" will spill from the mouths of the vaccinated, just as the vaccine manufacturers would have it be. This is called cognitive impairment, and it is very well documented. They truly believe they are building immunity by injecting chemicals into their muscle tissue. Sad but true. Keep reading.

There are doctors, MDs we're even talking about, who have blown the whistle on the whole vaccine manufacturing establishment, but this too cannot be discussed with the cognitively impaired. They cannot wrap their brain around their own people telling them that the foundation of their holy medicine is based on killing people slowly for money, and they will spill brainwashed "gunk" from their mouths if you show them a video of their own whistle-blowers because all they can say about vaccines is that they are 100% effective 100% of the time, because that's the "gunk" in the peer reviewed journals that the Doctors publish on line and tell them about at the superbug-infested doctor's office visit.


By injecting genetically modified organisms with bacteria, live viruses in combinations, formaldehyde, aluminum and MSG (monosodium glutamate), the Western world repeatedly shocks their entire central nervous system, pollutes their blood, infects their brains, cripples their immunity and creates cancerous cells that, depending on how much GMO food they eat daily, usually means they'll be fighting cancer down the road, when enough vaccines have turned them into zombies and they're arguing that vaccines are still 100% effective. And they will be right. Vaccines are 100% effective - - at reducing and eliminating critical thinking and at making people more susceptible to infectious diseases, the one thing they were so paranoid about in the first place.


When you "ignite the truth" you start a fire in the minds of those who can still think for themselves, those lucky ones who survived the vaccination schedule with enough critical brain cells to turn to organic food, stop getting flu shots and vaccine "boosters" and become self-sufficient, productive members of an evolving world.




If vaccines were actually 100% effective, nobody would ever need any booster shots. You would never get more than one measles shot. Never. Why would you? It wouldn't make sense, if your body made antibodies to the virus when you were a child and got the secret serum, the magical inoculation for every disease known to man. You'd be all set for life, right? And wouldn't you be healthier because the doctors are injecting things into your blood and muscle tissue that contain "all natural" ingredients, like mercury (thimerosal) and aluminum. These are naturally occurring, just like uranium and lead. Be sure not to ask for preservative free, because then they might leave out some of the MSG, and that's what makes chik-fil-A sandwiches taste so great. You wouldn't wanna miss out on preserving the virus that you're trying to avoid ever getting, now would you?


You see, when you ignite the truth you tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Nobody should ever inject a virus into their body anyway, that's not how a normal human being's body can even recognize immunity and it's functions.


In the real world, if you were to pick up a virus from somebody or some animal or whatever, you have natural defense systems your body would use to first begin the fight in a natural way, like your saliva, your skin, your lungs, your digestive system - those systems have amazing ways to begin the natural immunity steps in order, even using mucus to push out the germs. Certain foods can gather and pull toxins from your body too, as the Health Ranger has tested and documented in the Forensic Food Lab.


Take a look:




Mike Adams has also put the "Flulaval" flu shot under intense scrutiny in the lab!




S.D. Wells, investigative journalist for Natural News, reported this:


Nobody asks the nurse for the box or the insert when they get a flu shot. At least, I've never known anyone who said they did or do. Why not? We flip over food and beverage products all the time, to check for contaminants or stuff that we're allergic to. Millions of Americans are getting injected every year with 100 times the mercury they're worried about in fish, because they read about the salmon or tuna in some newspaper clip or saw a quick spot on the news.



Ignite the Truth!


Ignite the Truth: Video of Dr. Wakefield explaining the WHOLE REASON the vaccine industry doesn't want anyone knowing vaccines screw up the gastrointestinal tract


Ignite the Truth! Click here to watch this brilliant one hour video for free:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf3yXk4oJPs



Conclusion: Most health problems are NOT genetic. That's what MDs always say so you'll accept their lies, that the human body is weak from birth and needs chemicals injected in it to be strong enough to survive bacteria, virus, infectious disease and the like. Most health problems start (as a baby) and end (death) with the wrong food consumption and bad water too. Lack of the proper nutrients leads to over 900 different deficiency diseases, or didn't you know?


You can detoxify yourself of heavy metal toxins. Here is a wealth of information on that:



Does your child suffer from behavioral problems? It could be lead-induced. Check his/her foods right away after reading this:


Is your child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder? It could be too much bad bacteria in his/her gut. Check his/her food intake immediately. Go 100% organic and watch for changes. Here's a wealth of information on that:



Health Basics is a series of professional articles that are like a college 101 class on what you really want to know. Start here and you will see how easy it is to take charge of your own health and monitor the progress every day:



The power of organic food will never stop amazing you. Imagine if you felt great every day and had the best immunity on the planet, without ever getting another vaccine or swallowing another allopathic chemical pill for pain. How great would that be to be an organic person who outlives all the liars who fuel the chemical medicine racket!


Ignite the truth and share it on Natural Health News now. Good luck.


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