Thursday, June 25, 2015

Natural News Editor-in-Chief gives a detailed explanation of the ongoing “VACCINE PRISM”… Read to know more!

According to Natural News, Mike Adams (Editor in-Chief of NN) reveals the VACCINE PRISM – a detailed map of how the vaccine industry really works, who they pay off, who they have “in their pockets” and the regulatory agencies behind the scenes, working hard to keep us all sick and buying medicine that leads to health detriment and the spread of disease, even the preventable ones. This includes the whole cover-up of vaccine-damaged children and just HOW MUCH MONEY the secretive vaccine court has dished out in settlements to all these parents of vaccine-injured or even dead children. Talk about scary pictures! These kids have lesions and disfigurations from vaccines.

No natural health enthusiast in the world denies the fact that antibiotics can save your life. The massive problem that exists today, especially in the USA, is that antibiotics are massively overused AND abused by several industries, not just the medical field. Antibiotics are found in nearly overdosing amounts in most feed animals across the nation in all the confined animal feeding operations.

Those same humans drink from their tap at home, at the office and at restaurants, and get MORE antibiotics. When those same humans get sick, they go to allopathic doctors who, when they see symptoms of toxic food and medicine disorder – prescribe ANTIBIOTICS, which kill the humans' good bacteria needed to fight other kinds of infections, including viruses and superbugs that are IMMUNE to antibiotics. Then, in the final stages of the Western Medicine RACKET, chemotherapy is recommended to those humans who “genetically” got cancer from overdosing on chemical food and chemical medicine, including antibiotics and vaccines, but the doctor may not even know anything about all of this. He/she is trained to juggle prescriptions for covering symptoms. He/she is just a pawn in the allopathic racket. The allopathic prism has been revealed!

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There are 16 different flu shots approved by the FDA, made by several pharmaceutical companies. Some of these vaccines are designed solely to protect against the H1N1 influenza virus A strain. But most flu vaccines distributed in the U.S. are designed to provide protection from three strains of influenza viruses: two strains of type A influenza viruses, and one strain of type B influenza virus. The strains are chosen every year by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, based on a best guess as to the greatest threat in any given year.

There are three main methods employed in the manufacture of flu vaccines:

·         Egg-based vaccines

·         Cell-based vaccines

·         Recombinant flu vaccine

At present, many influenza vaccines are manufactured by inoculating the virus into eggs where the viruses multiply. Afterwards, the viral components are harvested. An effort is made to remove egg particles, but some egg ingredients remain. Alternately, animal cells can be used instead of fertilized chicken eggs as the culture medium. Then monosodium glutamate is added as a "preservative" and mercury and thimerosal also added, not to mention formaldehyde, which is also used to embalm dead people. Have you been "embalmed" recently at the flu station?

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