Monday, July 6, 2015

Nazi-style forced vaccination going on in California right now - new SB 277 law is set

As reported on Natural Health News:

"California parents will no longer be allowed to just fill out an affidavit for their children declaring a personal objection to vaccinations. They will instead have to go through DPH to obtain permission to opt out of vaccines, either for medical reasons or for personal reasons that the state deems worthy of an exemption."
This is like Nazi Germany folks. Line up to get toxic injections or see the Fuhrer and tell him why you don't like his medicine and politics!

Get ready for the same law to sweep the nation like its own plague. Defend yourselves out there with natural immunity and know your Constitutional rights. Read the labels on everything, including those dreaded flu shots.

"It's a declaration of war against medical freedom, a line in the sand that demarcates government tyranny in direct opposition to the will of the people. And the fallout is that many parents are now going off the radar in pursuit of an education for their children that isn't contingent upon first injecting them with neuro-damaging chemicals and genetically altered live viruses."

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