Sunday, July 12, 2015

You've been "scared to death" about infectious diseases, thanks to America, yet all those recommended vaccines LOWER immunity!


Want to kill your immune system for a few days, weeks, if not years? Get vaccines and flu shots regularly, as scheduled by MDs and the CDC. Vaccines contain human albumin from unknown sources. How does that make you feel? Is there "mad human disease" because cows that eat cows go crazy. Could mercury that's still in flu shots be maiming pregnant women and their babies? What about the elderly? Is this what drives pneumonia to kill people, because there's no immunity to fight off infections, including genetically modified bacteria from meat, dairy and flu shots?


Check it out. Most infectious disease happens among the vaccinated. It's scientific fact, but CNN and Fox never report it or they would lose their sponsors, all those Big Pharma advertisers for drugs with side effects like depression, thoughts of suicide, suicide, internal bleeding, vision loss, and well, you've heard them all too.


Want to kill your good bacteria in your gut right now? Go get a flu shot and take some doctor-recommended antibiotics that are always prescribed for every sickness known under the sun. Did you know antibiotics are useless against viruses? In fact, it makes it easier for the virus to take over your body, since the antibiotics kill ALL the bacteria in your gut, so when the DOCTOR GUESSES WRONG about your symptoms, and they usually do, you get an injection or pill, or both - - that weaken your immune system, compromising it even more, and the virus gets its own BOOSTER SHOT, which sometimes is the death of that person, especially vulnerable people like babies in the womb, newborns, and the elderly. Let's protect ourselves with organic food and natural remedies instead of sabotaging our immunity with flu shots, vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Here are some scary warnings you've never heard before as published recently on Natural Health News:

Top 6 scary warnings about vaccines and flu shots:

  1. Printed on the FluLuval flu shot insert: "Safety and effectiveness of FLULAVAL in pediatric patients have not been established." They're admitting on the vaccine insert and on the CDC website that neither the vaccine manufacture nor the CDC has run any tests on the safety or effectiveness of this flu shot.
  2. The Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice reports, "the introduction of thimerosal [mercury] into vaccines appears to have been based on a single, uncontrolled and poorly reported human study in the late 1920s." Mercury is a known neurotoxin and carcinogenic (cancer causing) agent.
  3. "Tell the doctor if your child is being treated with drugs... that affect the immune system" -- do you know this includes antibiotics, since antibiotics kill all bacteria in the gut, including the good kind that help build immunity? Antibiotics exist in US tap water -- did you measure how much you drank today and the level of antibiotics? Antibiotics are in vaccines also, including the antibiotic neomycin.
  4. "Tell your doctor if you have ever had a life-threatening allergic reaction to any component of the vaccine." How would you know, especially if you have no idea about the list of ingredients in MOST vaccines, including mercury, aluminum, MSG, gelatin (reduced animal parts), peanut oil (still wondering where those peanut allergies come from?), genetically modified egg embryo, aborted fetal tissue, sorbitol (artificial) and, of course, formaldehyde, which is used to embalm dead folks. Be sure and tell your doctor if you're allergic to being dead, or if that just "runs in the family."
  5. "Be sure to tell your child's doctor if your child has a personal or family history of seizures." -- But seizures (febrile -- fever induced) are a side effect of most vaccines, including HPV (STD).
  6. Secretive Vaccine Court (above the law): The vaccine industry has their own court of law with their own judges that are more powerful than the Supreme Court. This secretive vaccine injury settlement court has paid out billions in damages to families and their children injured by vaccine toxins.


KNOW THE AMERICAN VACCINE HISTORY! - and you'll never question organic food again:








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