Tuesday, August 4, 2015

GMO Food News: Reclaiming the Republic! "GMO-labeling movement is BIGGER in Texas!"

The STATE of Texas has decided that they don't want toxic pesticides and industrial heavy metal toxins in their food anymore. They don't want to give themselves cancer anymore so they are demanding that GMO, genetically modified organisms, be identified as such when sold to the consuming Americans - ninety percent of whom want GMO labeled always on everything it invades.

The Right to Know movement is gaining traction and moves into the Lone Star State to help people protect themselves against preventable diseases like diabetes, autism, ADD, ADHD, food allergies (severe ones) and more. GMO foods must carry a label in Texas soon. This could become viral as other states follow suit and ignore the evil corporate Big Government agenda of hiding poisons in our food supply and calling it biotechnology, science, or chemical agriculture, it's all the same - - food that causes cell and body deformations and shortened lifespan prone to chronic care. The Latin meaning of hospital by the way, is a place to die. Don't eat GMO, no matter what state you live in, and let organic food be thy medicine. Here's what's going on in Texas now in World and Natural Health News:

Natural News is reporting:

"Despite a major setback last month when the U.S. House of Representatives voted 275-150 to pass legislation that would prohibit states from enacting the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the Right to Know movement continues to gain traction as it lays its eyes upon the Lone Star State. Introduced in late March by Texas State Representative Carol Alvarado of Houston (D-Texas), HB 3499 requires foods containing GMOs to be accurately labeled in Texas, as such ingredients have been linked to a multitude of health problems including cancer, infertility, autism, attention deficit disorder, food allergies and many more."


You have the right to know what's in YOUR food! and water! and medicine!

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