Monday, August 17, 2015

Planned Parenthood and the sale of aborted baby organs - Undercover videos tell all!

According to Natural News, following the release of two undercover videos showing high-level Planned Parenthood executives negotiating prices with potential clients for aborted baby body parts -- a felonious, criminal operation -- including the illegal sale of vital organs and other tissue, a more thorough listing of private donors to this pro-abortion organization has surfaced revealing who else in the corporate world is on board with this disgusting human chop-shop endeavor.

Check the list of a whopping 38 companies who regularly contribute to Planned Parenthood. Though the federal government funds most of Planned Parenthood's operation costs, these 38 corporations contribute upwards of 25% of Planned Parenthood's $1.3 billion in annual revenues.

The list of contributors is:

1.       Adobe

2.       American Cancer Society

3.       American Express

4.       AT&T

5.       Avon

6.       Bank of America

7.       Bath & Body Works

8.       Ben & Jerry's

9.       Clorox (owner of Burt's Bees)

10.   Converse

11.   Deutsche Bank

12.   Dockers

13.   Energizer

14.   Expedia

15.   ExxonMobil

16.   Fannie Mae

17.   Groupon

18.   Intuit

19.   Johnson & Johnson

20.   La Senza

21.   Levi Strauss

22.   Liberty Mutual

23.   Macy's

24.   March of Dimes

25.   Microsoft

26.   Morgan Stanley

27.   Nike

28.   Oracle

29.   PepsiCo

30.   Pfizer

31.   Progressive

32.   Starbucks

33.   Susan G. Komen

34.   Tostitos

35.   Unilever

36.   United Way

37.   Verizon

38.   Wells Fargo

Read about how corporations are trying to depopulate Earth for their own interests at

To some, this list might come as a shock. But to others, including many of our readers here at Natural News, it's perhaps not all that surprising. Susan G. Komen, for instance, once tried to peddle alcoholic malt beverages and fried chicken buckets from KFC as foods that women should consume to avoid breast cancer. At the same time, Komen rejects organic food as beneficial in the fight against cancer.

Planned Parenthood's many other corporate sponsors include members from Big Oil, Big Pharma, Wall Street and of course Big Eugenics -- yes, Bill Gates' Microsoft is listed as a top donor to this pro-abortion group as well.

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