Monday, August 24, 2015

The Truth About Cancer – Interview of Cassandra!

According to Natural News, for the first time since being released from the medical prison known as Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Cassandra has appeared on camera to tell all about how state officials abducted her and forced her, without consent, to undergo toxic chemotherapy treatments for a diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Long before her full last name was released publicly, Cassandra's story was mostly being told by the mainstream media, which skewed the facts in the state's favor to gloss over the illegal abduction of this minor against her and her mother's will. For the simple act of trying to seek a second opinion for a questionable diagnosis, Cassandra was punished by the state and forced against her will to be injected with chemical poisons that could have killed her.

In an exclusive interview with The Truth About Cancer, Cassandra divulges her experience being taken away by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF), which along with a 12-officer police escort, kidnapped her from her home, strapped her down, sedated her and forced her to take chemotherapy. If Cassandra had had the choice, she would have opted for an alternative treatment.

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One of the worst things you can do to cripple your entire immune system is to poison your lymphatic fluid. Your lymph nodes are small organs that trap traveling cancer cells before they reach other parts of the body. By consuming pesticides, namely herbicide Roundup containing glyphosate, millions of humans destroy their own natural immunity, inviting cancer to form, by including its nemesis in daily food and water, thus fueling the development of cancerous blood cell tumors.

Ethan A. Huff of Natural News covered this recently:

"The mystery behind skyrocketing rates of celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and other wheat-related illnesses may not have anything to do with wheat or even gluten, but rather the process by which conventional American wheat is grown and harvested. Unbeknownst to most consumers is the fact that just before harvest, a vast majority of conventional wheat grown in the U.S. is doused in Roundup herbicide, which ends up poisoning your favorite breads, cereals, cakes, and pastries. Many conventional wheat farmers in America, driven by greed and carelessness, flood their wheat crops with Roundup just before harvest in order to slightly boost yields and reduce harvest time. But the end result is Roundup being absorbed directly into the wheat kernels that end up processed on your dinner plate."

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