Monday, December 21, 2015

Meat is Murder!

Most people could not go out in the wild, hunt down an animal, trap it or kill it, skin it, cut the meat from the bones, pull out the guts and brains and organs and intestines, and then finally cook it. Hunters, of course, don't mind a bit. Vegetarians and vegans cringe at the thought. Many children would rather starve then go kill an animal, but since the burgers and "dogs" and chicken "fingers" are so readily available, all crispy, hot, cheap, fast and chock full of hydrogenated oils, they can't resist. Then there's deli meat. People will actually fight over which number goes first in the line at the deli counter. Surprising there hasn't been a mass murder there, over the Genoa salami or the "tender" cuts of turkey breast lightly smoked and "all natural." Puke.


Hormones, Antibiotics and the Digestive Breakdown Nightmare of Conventional Meat

The human body is taxed heavily in order to create the acids to break down meat. It takes hours, and all the while, immunity can be compromised, while the body is distracted. All the body really wants are the amino acids, the true protein, but now, after the carnivorous tragedy, the whole digestive system has to "shovel dirt" for hours to get some amino acids. What a pity. And then there's the life of the animal, which, for many in the CAFOs of America, it looks like the concentration camps of World War II. Living among their own kind that are dying, all while eating chemical-laden food (called GMO today), drinking fluoridated water, and suffering from experimental drugs (synthetic hormones today) and the health detriment is passed on to the meat eaters, who have NO idea what's really happening. The genetically modified feed, such as corn, soy and alfalfa, are not normal food for the animals living in confined animal feeding operations, but they have NO choice. Much of today's fast food and chain restaurant meat is found to contain salmonella or e-coli bacteria and that is why ammonia and bleach are used to kill the "24-hour" sickness.


April 2012: "Red Meat Consumption and Mortality" study published in JAMA - America Panics!

It was 2012, and the Journal of the American Medical Association, which has been steeped in corruption since its inception, publishes a study that says red meat consumption has been associated with "an increased risk of chronic diseases." This was simply a marketing ploy, for anyone considering becoming vegetarian or hearing the (true) rumors that conventional meats are bad for you. In direct sales, this is called, "Close by Choice," and is an age-old strategy to convince the consumer to buy ANYTHING ELSE from you instead of buying from the competition (vegans and vegetarians' advice on health).


In the study that sent shockwaves across the meat-gut nation, and for all the humans carrying around the fat of other animals in their bellies and thighs, 120,000 men and women were tracked for twenty years using validated food frequency questionnaires regarding their diet, and this was all updated every four years. You must be dying for the results right now–pardon the pun. More than twenty three THOUSAND deaths for people having just ONE SERVING PER DAY, including processed and unprocessed red meat.


Plus, just by substituting fish and legumes for one serving of red meat, participants of the study had 7 to 19% LOWER mortality risk. Unbelievable! To top it all off, the researchers estimated that 7 to 10% of the deaths could have been totally AVOIDED if the individuals simply consumed HALF of their usual serving per day (about 42 g/d) of red meat. Take a guess what killed the serving-per-day carnivores? You guessed it, cardiovascular disease and cancer.


The US Grilled-Animal Sandwich

So how many Americans switched after that, to "white" meat, but didn't go full pescatarian (someone who doesn't eat land animals but still eats fish)? The chickens, pigs and turkeys that are shot up with hormones and antibiotics, and eat genetically modified, pesticide-laden feed that they would never eat if left alone in nature, those animals that lived miserable lives in CAFOs, they become toxic themselves, and since you are what you eat, well then. What's in YOUR sandwich? Does it matter if it's white meat or red, grilled, baked, broiled, barbecued, or fried?


It was ALL a trick to keep the meat eaters eating meat!

It's still a trick. Don't you see? Red meat (cow and pig), white meat (chicken and turkey), dark meat (more chicken and turkey) –it's all the same–it's meat that your body will have to put in "overtime" to break down, not to mention the chemicals including antibiotics and synthetic growth hormones.


Rennet - A secret ingredient in cheese you should never eat

Vegetarians beware of rennet, the lining of animal's (ie: calf and sheep) stomachs used in most conventional cheeses and even pesto. Want to get away from eating all those poor infected animals and stop "catering" to the CAFO and fast-food industries? Eat fried vegetables and avocado instead of meat! These are great substitutes. Plus, if the carnivores and omnivores try to win you back with their famous protein argument, just be sure to tell them all this: There's MORE usable protein per calorie in raw, organic kale, broccoli and spinach than any in chicken, pork, turkey or beef on planet earth.


"Seattle Organic Restaurants" have this to say about the power of KALE:  

"Kale is an amazing green leafy and anti-inflammatory vegetable full of iron, calcium, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Kale has more iron than beef and is a great source of fiber that can help to prevent heart disease, arthritis and cancer. Kale is a great superfood that can help digestive and liver problems and gets rid of free radicals in the body. One cup of kale has about 36 calories, 3g of fiber, 2g of protein, 345% vitamin A, 80% vitamin C, 9% calcium and 6% iron."


Meat is murder, so try being a vegetarian. You'll love how you feel!













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